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Break the chains

7 out of 10 people who view this material take action and make the right choice. The rest will suffer because they waited too long.

(Here's what you can do today to make it through the never ending medical, and social and politically motivated emergencies being forced on you)

Let that sink in. Judge calls it death by suicide.


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Dear Friend,

This letter is full of an uncomfortable reality, but also full of encouragement and life saving advice. 

Nonetheless, there’s no sugar-coated way to disclose what’s here.

So, hear me out. Let me speak from my heart and by the end of this letter you’ll understand that we’re in a giant pickle together, but there is a giant ray of hope. It’s all here.

We’re in trouble. Big trouble. But we can figure this out although many people will die in the process.

Wake up. You’ve seen all the proof you need to see on that the American people are being attacked in horrific ways by our government and the medical establishment.

Watch The American Truth videos because, really, they show you exactly what’s happening:

The American Truth

Who is the master liar that fooled America?

During congressional inquiries where people are sworn to tell the truth Fauci has repeatedly lied to Congress. In this inquiry Rutgers University Chemistry Professor Richard Ebright, PhD., testifies to Congress that the “NIH, specifically Collins, Fauci, and Tabak, lied to Congress, the press and the public, knowingly, willfully, brazenly.” What more do you need to know? 

The government knows what’s happening. Because they’re ordering people to do it.

Doctors know the truth but are afraid to speak out

Microscopes and heroes tell the true story. The doctors, professors, and other experts like nurses who speak out are heroes because without them and microscopes we would not know the truth.

America is a huge crime scene. We’re in the middle of a disaster. Doctors and hospitals have microscopes. The CDC and FDA have microscopes. Also, the forensic specialists at the FBI have microscopes. When they examine the blood of the vaccinated under microscopes they see something murderous has been done to them because their blood has been poisoned.

This is living proof that any doctor, hospital, or health agency in your government anywhere in the United States of America can examine blood under a microscope and see what really happens when someone is injected with the deadly and murderous government dictated covid-vaccines.

If you want to learn the truth go through this website with a fine tooth comb. It’s all here

This European doctor with 30 years of medical practice is using her Dark-field optical microscope to take photographs with the attached camera of samples of blood of patients taken before and after their covid-vaccinations. “Unvaxxed versus vaxxed.” Her Dark-field microscope lets her analyze live blood. The interviewer is filming the doctor and repeats her answers to insure he understands her responses. The doctor says a big issue is formation of blood clots.

During her thirty years of practice the doctor says about the strange thing she sees, “It’s definitely nothing organic. The doctor points at various cells and says, “They are really not healthy.” She shows white blood cells “… which is completely destroyed. Which I have only seen in people after receiving chemotherapy … or similar treatment which are very toxic. Again it is very damaging to the red and white blood cells.” “Seeing totally corrupted cellular membrane.”

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The truth is coming out and it is shocking

“Death by government …. disaster .. with government cover up”
“CDC … has weaponized public health for political purposes”

Edward Dowd, a former Blackrock Portfolio Manager, reminds us that 58,000 Americans were killed over a ten year period in Vietnam. He says this is the Millennials’ Vietnam except that 61,000 Millennials were killed by the United States government with an experimental vaccine that proved dangerous and deadly in less than six months. “This is what we call democide. Death by government. So the government through the mandates has killed people. .. disaster … with government cover up.”

Experts are combing through Pfizer docs. Two Pfizer documents reveal the AMA, FDA, and CDC lied when they said the mRNA vaccine poison stays in the bicep of mammals. The documents disclose within 48 hours only 24.6% remains in the biceps; the rest inters the bloodstream with 16.2% collecting in the liver, and more is dispersed in the adrenal glands, the spleen and the ovaries. Dr. Wolf says, “… they knew it would go into the bloodstream and they forged ahead anyway and said it was safe and effective.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, pathologist and virologist, spoke in this meeting of physicians. He said, “… we are being intimidated by our colleges … internationally. … If physicians had not be intimidated …” and urged to fully inform they patients, “… then patients would have been told the truth. He says, “The colleges, physicians, and surgeons across this country and internationally are co-conspirators with government in state sanctioned murder.

The New York Times reports the CDC is hiding data. Dr. Robert Malone tells the gathering that formerly “the Centers of Disease Control was a neutral arbitrator of truth ….” However, “under this administration … the CDC … has weaponized public health for political purposes ….” Dr. Malone says the Federal government has paid the media more than one billion dollars to bombard Americans with “surreptitious advertising … marketing vaccines.”

Warning to all mothers and grandmothers. Without babies and women the human race is dead. This may be the most distressing of all the videos because the covid vaccines are thoroughly endangering the placenta of pregnant women. They were told by the CDC, the FDA, and by the 60,000 members of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that they must take the vaccine. They said the mRNA cannot cross the placenta and “the materials stay in the injection site”. “These lies were told over ….”

“It’s literally an experiment on the gender development of little boys.” Dr. Wolf explains what British studies are saying about the covid vaccines and what they are doing to little boys. In short this is disastrous. So much so that the British have “banned” covid vaccinations for under elevens. These findings have sounded the alarm for the United States and European nations. However, the whole catastrophe gets little or no room in the media so doctors remain uninformed and continue to give bad advice to parents.

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Why are people being killed with the "vaccines"?

The answer is simple.

Few people die from covid and there is a corrupt Executive and Congressional government in power.

In order for them to rule they have to assume Emergency Powers and to give themselves Emergency Powers they have to create pandemics or wars or civil disturbances and divide the nation.

In other words they have to create and foster chaos and panic.

They have to have lockdowns and force mandates requiring repeated vaccinations and wearing of masks, for example, and, also, they have to create food and water and fuel and energy shortages.

Also, they have to increase criminality and divide the American people politically and racially and by sexual orientation. Their purpose is simple. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.

Here are the steps they took to claim Emergency Powers


You can't have a pandemic without a lot of people dying. So they used the vaccine to kill a lot of people because their covid-virus wasn't killing people.

Lock downs

You can't convince people something is wrong without quarantining them and preventing them from interacting and being with family and friends.


You can't convince people to submit to autocratic rule and give up their rights and freedom without requiring them to submit to wearing a mask or a mark.

Examine the data. They created a fake pandemic. They planned it out and they used it to force the American people to allow themselves to be injected with an experimental vaccine that is deadly.

In addition, they took over the media and turned it into their paid propaganda machine.

Now they want to create an Orwellian-like “Ministry of Truth” so they can keep you from criticizing anything the government says or does. In short, they want to take away your right of free speech.

They are attacking Elon Musk the owner of Twitter because he advocates free speech.

Instead of free speech they want controlled speech. Speech they invent and control.

They also want to take away the right to bear arms so you can’t defend yourself against tyranny.

You might ask: “How did the government manage to kill more than one million Americans and injure millions more without you knowing about it?

It’s all about who owns the media and who is paying to advertise on it. 

Pfizer paid and continues to pay the media billions of dollars to ignore the massive number of deaths and vaccine injuries their covid-vaccines are causing. Not to be outdone, and to cause more death and injury and prolong its emergency powers the Feds have paid the media more than $1 billion to brainwash people into getting vaccinated and too blame the unvaccinated for the spread of covid.

Millions of Americans are injured for – life

Pfizer sold $81 billion worth of covid-vaccines in 2021. These criminals are spreading death and injury across the earth. Warning: Going to the website will break your heart and make you mad. No one gets better. Permanent damage. How can you protect yourself? Be brave. Watch every video on this webpage. Read every word here. Think for yourself and take action to learn how to best protect yourself and your family from Big Pharma

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“One in two hundred chance of running into a dangerous batch”

These doctors and attorneys are part of a core group of hundreds of attorneys, scientists, professors, and medical experts who are gathering evidence for a Nuremberg 2.0 trial wherein they seek to prosecute the thousands of people and companies who are responsible for murdering people across the earth with a fake vaccine. Here they are discussing a recent finding that the vaccine manufacturers are organized and taking turns poisoning people.

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Where is the investigation and public debate? If the news industry took time to investigate why each of the companies making covid-vaccines have patents on them, they would find that the combination of materials in these patented “vaccines” are proven to produce deadly and injurious effects. But instead of investigating the criminal behavior of these companies the news agencies lie about everything, and, worse, they spread the lies and propaganda of the fake-president.

Aside from the lies the Big Guy tells about his business dealings with his son and what he gets from them because he’s the “Big Guy” identified as such in emails by James Gilliar, Hunter’s business partner, let’s see if the Big Guy lies about other things too:

Are these lies? You decide: (1) Cost of gas is going down and will stay down after the midterm elections because the Big Guy says so and he never lies. (2) The economy is doing great. (3) There was no election fraud in 2020. And (4) the covid vaccines are harmless and save lives.

Yes, the media and our government lie about everything. The truth, however, is everywhere apparent if you think for yourself and take time to search for it. For example, in England the truth is the vaccinated are dying in large numbers and their immune systems have been destroyed by their repeated jabs. They are also infecting one another at an alarming rate. As you can see the truth is the unvaxxed are less likely to get covid or to die from covid because the truth is the vaccine is what kills people.

From the top down we live in a House of Lies. When you add it all up, here’s what you get: you can’t trust any branch of the Federal government and you may not be able to trust your state or local government; you can’t trust the medical establishment; and you can’t trust the media especially the privacy invaders like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and all the others who constantly steal every aspect of your private information including what you do or say or look at on the internet and give it to the government; and, of course, you can’t trust any of the other media like magazines, newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal or any of the other publications that carry water for the government, and receive billions in advertising dollars from them and Pfizer.

“The corporate media is completely corrupt. Just go down the list: the Russia Hoax, the stolen 2020 election, the deadly COVID vaccines. The corporate media is actively trying to hide the truth from the American people on a daily basis.” – Emerald Robinson, Journalist

The current administration has long fallen off the rails, and in their insatiable lust for power they are paying for your fellow citizens to be murdered. The killing, however,is actually done by hospitals, doctors, nurses, and Big Pharma, and all the while the media turns a blind eye.

It’s not pretty but here’s how the killing field works and who gets paid huge amounts to do the murderous work and, at the same time, turn a blind eye to the death and suffering in America.

Your tax dollars at work. All of this is bought and paid for by your Federal and State governments.

Also, remember, you can’t have a pandemic requiring the government to have Emergency Powers unless a lot of people are dying, and you can’t have panic and create a mass psychosis unless the government and media are scaring people and creating panic in order to drive people crazy.

Believe it or not. Psychosis is a severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or is highly distorted by, for example, repetition and repeated exposure to government propaganda. Can you guess which branch in our government is expert at creating a mass psychosis in a population? If you guessed the CIA you’re correct and they’re using the media and repetition to distort reality in America.

Why are hospitals in America being paid millions of dollars to murder people?

You could be next so to protect yourself pay close attention.
Here’s how and why these psychopaths are murdering people across America.

Warning about what hospitals do. To increase hysteria related to covid the Federal government wants as much death as possible. So hospitals are being incentivized to make everyone possible a covid patient and treat them with the protocols of the CDC in order to murder them. Hospitals are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for each death. It’s a gold rush in which hospitals are making millions of dollars each. The administrators are happy because they can report profits and modernize their operations.

Government and media propaganda is being shot at you from all sides. So, today it’s vital for you to think for yourself. That means dig deep. Read everything on this website and watch every video. This quote tells why it’s important to be an independent thinker: “The main difference between intelligent and intellectual is that an intelligent person is able to learn and understand things quickly and easily, whereas an intellectual person is able to think and understand things, especially complicated ideas.” Be brave. Think.

Albert Spence, a nurse with 31 years experience, tells why he has quit nursing. In short, it was because he was being used to murder patients. Instead of using protocols that years of experience helped him save the lives of patients he was told by doctors and hospital administrators to do things that murdered people.

Super important about PCR tests. “How many of these covid cases where really flu with this fake false faulty PCR cycling cranked up to I don’t know what … The CDC said crank that PCR up to 40. That’s what they did all of 2020 to generate all this giant pandemic and fear … Let me just tell you guys if I get sick ….”  Listen to every word.

Testimony by Nurse Practitioner Morgan Wallace. “We ran your heart and lungs outside your body with your chest open while you were bleeding on the floor.” “Everyone who died with covid should be considered murdered.” “I also watched the entire staff at the hospital including my unit get vaccinated and then get covid.” Listen to every word. The audience cheers. People know the truth.

The renown Dr. Marik testifies and says: “Remdesivir increases the risk of death. … it increases your chances of renal failure by 20 percent. This is a toxic drug. But just to make the situation even more preposterous the federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus … if they prescribe Remdesivir to Medicare patients. …” The government kills the old to jack up the number of deaths!

Doctors makes mistakes. Pharmacies make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But what Pfizer is doing with the approval and encouragement of our government is not a mistake. It is following a plan that is murdering people across the earth. You know it’s truth but you hope it’s not. Your job is to think for yourself and survive.

Edward Dowd, former stock analyst and manager with Blackrock, is risking his career to warn Americans about threats. He says, “As the truth comes out it will get worse and they will triple down.” About mounting deaths and funeral homes, he says, “Those are growth stocks. We should not be seeing funeral home … growth stocks.”

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Get ready for a huge number of "vaccine" deaths

In January 2022 the British announced that during two years of hysteria and fear-mongering and government oppression covid-19 had only killed 17,371 in all of the United Kingdom so the Brits dumped lock downs, masking, and the vaccine passport requirements that were all part of what destroyed small businesses. Despite proof of the insanity politicians want repressive measures again.

So what killed hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom? It was deaths caused by and associated with the vaccine. The vaccine is killing people directly or indirectly. Indirectly by destroying the immune systems of the vaccinated who later die from common and uncommon illnesses. The same wave of death  is happening in America and the rest of the world.

It is estimated that as few as 54,000 people have died of covid-19 in the United States and the great majority of them were senior citizens and people who had other illnesses that prevented their immune systems from helping them survive the virus. But the government says that covid has killed more than 900,000. Well, does the government, CDC, and FDA lie? Yes, they do. They lie and lie and lie, and the media amplifies their lies. And do money-grubbing hospitals get paid to kill “covid” patients?

Wake up. The “science” is no longer the science. It’s the new government dictated science of lying.

 It’s the vaccine not covid that is killing people. This chart shows the death count in America from the covid-vaccines compiled from the government’s own VAERS database. It also shows that from 1991 until 2019 when the covid-vaccination hysteria started very few people ever died from vaccines.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of death and injury. The CDC estimates only one percent of adverse reactions are ever reported to the VAERS database which means the death toll is much higher.

Many hospitals discourage doctors from reporting vaccine deaths or injuries. Why? Because the CDC says not to report any adverse events in order to “discourage vaccine hesitancy.”

Hospital administrators call every death possible a “covid death” to rake in the government money.  

Doctors, nurses, and even Walgreens knows the truth but most stay silent

Doctors and nurses know the truth but are told to hide it

Doctors and nurses all across America who work in emergency rooms and on covid floors know exactly what is happening. They’re shocked by the flood of patients but they’re told to hide the truth. Hospitals admins tell them not to report vaccine injuries and deaths to VAERS. Here the nurse tells the doc about “a guy in room four”. The doc says, “All this is bull shit. … probably myocarditis due to the vaccine. But … they’re not going to blame the vaccine.”

Pharmacies know the truth but are making money hiding it

Who is getting injured or killed by the vaccinations? This is amazing source. The government can cook their books and lie to the American people all day long about covid but companies like Walgreen have to keep very accurate records because the government pays them for dispensing the covid poison to hospitals and doctors, vaccinating people, and providing the officially approved killer-covid medications in each of their communities.

Young Canadian Doctors Dead from Jab 2022

Fair use as permitted by law for educational purposes including news reporting, teaching, comments, etc.. See footer.

Nurses and doctors are confused. They don’t understand why hospitals are suddenly filling up with sick and diseased people across America. Few doctors know why this is happening. But the world’s top medical experts warned this would happen when the covid-vaccination hysteria started in 2020.

So what happened? The various toxicity rates in the vaccines have destroyed the immune systems of the covid-vaccinated. This makes their immune systems unable to fight against the tons of normal disease causing pathogens their immune systems had under control before being covid-vaccinated.

In short, that’s why hospitals are filling up, and doctors and nurses are seeing diseases they haven’t seen before or that were under control in the past but they are suddenly common. In addition, there is an explosion of cancers, blood clots, neurological and other issues including those specific to women.

Again, the world’s top medical experts warned this would happen when the covid-vaccination hysteria started in 2020, but their voice of reason was shouted down by the media and the medical establishment which were both raking in government kickbacks to promote fear and compliance.

If you want to know and see and hear the truth from some of the world’s foremost medical experts and are not satisfied with the media and government lies being forced on you, watch these videos:

The Catastrophic Truth
The Vaccine Toxicity Truth
The Deadly Truth
The Testing Truth
The Monstrous Truth

The truth hurts. All of this is hard to bear, but, as usual, the truth hurts. When a doctor says you’re going blind. It hurts. When a doctor says your baby daughter is dying from cancer. It hurts. So, yes, it hurts to know your government is not only destroying America on purpose to force the American people against their will into the destruction of democracy and into a godless world order, it hurts.

This is happening because the current administration can’t afford to lose both the House and Senate.

Why? Because unfortunately for the American people these criminals have committed crimes against humanity with the help of the sycophantic media and the corrupted medical establishment; all are complicit in setting the stage for murdering millions of Americans and injuring tens of millions more.

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey, and Tom Hanks, and Bruce Willis, and who knows how many other celebrities will suffer their vaccine-caused-injures until they “died unexpectedly” like so many others.

Maybe you can vote your way out of this mess. But first you have to know what’s coming next.

Deadly new covid-killer-vaccine coming

New vaccines made to cause death and injury are being poured on you
Government revives covid fears with deadly untested vaccines for its political purpose

Important to note although Dr. Robert Malone is attacked by the Pfizer-bought-and-paid-for-media, he is a renown virologist and inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technology. He says the current Omicron BA.5 variant is essentially a sore throat and a cold. He adds, “The problem is the data are coming in from all over the world the people that are dying … are the highly jabbed.” That’s the problem. Listen carefully to these videos to avoid the fear porn!

Dr. Malone says that as the experts predicted two years ago, Omicron BA.5 is an escape mutant that’s learned how to avoid the vaccines. Worst of all the government is purchasing more deadly vaccines that will be used to vaccinate against the variants they caused to arise. And, according to Dr. Malone the new vaccine is “perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting and make people more susceptible to infection.” Study the graphs. It’s all there.

“The data are the data.” The numbers come from government sources. To make the slides data scientists just input the data and the slide showing the graphs print out. Look carefully at the chart for America. It shows the US is highly jabbed according to the CDC, nevertheless, “We have one of the worst mortality rates in the world. … and it’s not going down.” He asks, “Who is dying from something that is a cold, is a sore throat, is a running nose? What the heck ….”

So, again, a deadly covid vaccine is coming and tens if not hundreds of millions of complaint Americans are going to take it. Dr. Malone makes it clear this “trivalent vaccine” is designed to kill and injure people. But, What about masks? Wearing masks don’t work … “it’s madness … It’s about control. It’s about fearporn and giving a false sense of security…. It’s ritualistic behavior. It has nothing to with infection control.” Continued vaccination is insanity.

The renown Dr. Peter McCullough, a founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, and a practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist in Dallas and the Chief Medical Advisor of the Truth for Health Foundation, says the fall and winter booster is malfeasance. He says it has not and will not be tested on humans, and has failed in animal studies. “For the first time in history human studies were skipped.” Americans will pay the price.

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health explains why he says, “The boosters are useless.” It’s “calibrated for the BA4 and 5 variant strains … of the virus ….” He says, the CDC has reported the BA5 strain is declining and “is being supplanted by a BA4.6 strain which is resistant ….” Dr. Malone says, boosters are “perfectly designed to drive immune imprinting ….”

The hosts of Redacted dig into the so-called pandemic. They start by listening to and commenting on video segments. Senator Rand Paul is an author and medical doctor. He explains that “gain of function research” is a method “involving the manipulation of pathogens to give them a new aspect or ability such as making viruses more transmissible or dangerous to humans.” He reports “this is the first congressional hearing on this subject ….” First? Wow.

The renown and beloved Dr. Zelenko explains that variants are mutations that give viruses “survival benefits. … it’s natural.” He names giants in medicine who all agree: “If you vaccinate people during an active pandemic you are causing evolutionary pressure to make more dangerous variants.” Also, Dr. Zelenko says, “Since we know that covid 19 is a man made bio-weapon the same people who created the initial weapon could make the variants as well.”

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What else is the government planning to do to you?

There will be a continuing barrage of covid variant vaccines each one more toxic and deadly than the other if for no other purpose than to activate the “lifetime dose limit” associated with mRNA vaccines.

Many of these vaccines are mRNA based which is a nightmare for the vaccinated because in The Toxicity Truth the renown Dr. Michael Palmer warns that all mRNA vaccines contain cationic lipids and lipid toxicity cumulates across all mRNA vaccines and must be counted in a “lifetime dose limit….”

The canary in the mine

The media has been making fun of Alex Jones for decades. Now all the things he’s been warning the American people about are coming true. He’s like a canary that miners used to take with them into mines to warn them when deadly levels of carbon monoxide had collected. Due to the rapid breathing rate of the bird and smaller size and high metabolism the gases killed the canary. When a canary died the miners knew it was time to scramble out of the mine in order to save themselves.

Today, right now, there are more than one hundred and twenty vaccines waiting for FDA approval.

Attention Super important: Dr. Palmer thinks there is a sinister plan associated with the “dose limit” because if you go over the limit you drop dead. “This is the plan,” says Dr. Palmer. “It goes beyond covid. This mRNA technology is a great way to poison the population. …Everybody’s death will look a little bit different …. but ultimately they will all have been poisoned in the same way.”

In 2020, Dr. Palmer was among the first to tell the truth about covid. In short, this highly respected MD and professor of chemistry at the University of Waterloo said COVID-19 was not nearly as dangerous as others said it was, and that it wasn’t any deadlier than the flu. Watch The Vaccine Toxicity Truth.

Listen to what he says. The truth is coming out. The whole thing was one big fat lie. Read this whole web page. Watch all the videos to understand what’s going on. They are doing all this on purpose.

Monkeypox. After months of fear-mongering in the media the monkeypox hysteria is dying down. Because monkeypox is “a gay thing” spread via anal sex associated with homosexuals. Appropriately enough, per capita Washington D.C. has more people with monkeypox than anywhere in America.

The government is pushing a monkeypox vaccine that homosexuals are lining up for, and, true to form, it wants to vaccinate them out of the Monkeypox pandemic. However, gays are not helping because they won’t stop having wanton sex to prevent it from spreading. To make things worse, for political reasons, the media won’t tell homosexuals to stop having anal sex because many newscasters like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and many others like Thomas Roberts are sodomists.

Although Monkeypox is spread through sodomy which is anal sex the CDC wants to give the monkeypox vaccine to babies and young children. How many babies and young children do you know that have anal sex? The only ones that do are the ones tormented by pedophiles and perverts.

Polio, smallpox, and hemorrhagic fever. To rachet up the fear-mongering and further induce mass psychosis in hopes of making people think and do crazy things all across America; and also to punish Americans for not getting on board the repulsive political and social engineering agendas of the leftist administration. The psychopaths and traitors in Washington who kneel to this regime are bringing out the big guns of polio, smallpox, and an ebola-like hemorrhagic fever known as Marburg.

Be brave. Think. Do not fear. Rely on the unfailing grace of the Glory of God.

Nipah virus (NiV). Is there a plan to use Nipah, a zoonotic virus that can spread between animals and people, to attack America? The National Institute of Health (NIH) and Fauci are paying China to work on a Nipah gain of function right now. The NIH describes itself as: “… the nation’s medical research agency, supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health.” How healthy is the Nipah virus? Not healthy but dangerous because: “Infection with Nipah virus is associated with encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). “After exposure and an incubation period of 5 to 14 days, illness presents with 3-14 days of fever and headache, followed by drowsiness, disorientation and mental confusion.”

Expect continued health threats associated with gain-of-function research and bio-weapon development gone wild. In August 2022 an article in Forbes says that a team of scientists in Canada and the United Sates have re-created the deadly Spanish Flu virus of 1918 that infected one third of the people on earth and killed 50 million people. 

Now gain-of-function researchers in several countries are fiddling with this deadly virus using tools of modern genetics. In 2007 researchers at the University of Tokyo and the University of Wisconsin described how they used the genetic “sequence to create live, infectious 1918 flu viruses.” These so-called flu scientists did this research a second time to make the virus even more infectious and published their study in 2019. Their justification for doing this research is to create a vaccine. What do you think? Do we need to resurrect a virus that has been dead for 100 years to create a vaccine for it?

Remember, the blockheads ruling us are committing crimes again humanity which are treasonous and punishable by death. Why are they doing it? They want to crush the will of the American people to preserve democracy. They want Americans to give up free speech, right to bear arms, all your rights.

Be brave. Resist. Think for yourself. Use common sense and trust in the presence of the Glory of God.

Why has polio returned and who has caused it to come back?

Believe it or not a global polio epidemic is being exacerbated by the covid vaccine. NPR calls it a “vaccine-derived polio” in an April 2022 article. According to CNBC “Polio has been detected in New York City wastewater, suggesting local circulation of the virus….” Meanwhile, no surprise that proponents of depopulation like Bill Gates are cheering the return of smallpox and they have invested in new vaccines for emergent variants of smallpox and polio too.

The problem is covid vaccines don’t prevent transmission

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD., Virologist, Immunologist, Vaccinologist, and Evolutionary Biologist, says: “Never use a vaccine that cannot block transmission …. if you have a vaccine that cannot prevent the transmission … you cannot control this … The virus will escape. You cannot win this. It’s impossible.” He continues, “… with mass vaccination … you are generating a breeding ground for even more infectious variants to replicate.”

You have to make the government stop or pay the price

Tampering with the Nipah virus is playing with fire. China, the WHO, America, and who knows how many other nations and organizations are fiddling with deadly viruses, bacterium or other microorganisms that can be used as bio-weapons. This is done to drum up mass hysteria with the objective of destroying any and all democratic ideals and imposing a godless world government. Depopulation with assorted rampant diseases and numerous forms of chaos are already in play. A worthless vaccine is coming.

They are destroying America. The whole thing is a fraud.

The covid mandate scam is like the climate change scam. When the rich jet to Davos, Switzerland, each year they park 1,040 or more jets at the airport just to listen to all the crazies complain about the things that poor people are doing to pollute the earth. Can you guess how much carbon emission is generated by 1,040+ jets flying to Davos with only a couple of people on board each? How about all the carbon emission associated with heating and cooling the huge 10,000 plus square foot homes of the rich and famous? Scam.

Fair use as permitted by law for educational purposes including news reporting, teaching, comments, etc.. See footer.

Remember the government uses the media to keep you divided, confused, and misinformed.

Also, remember, the current administration is fighting tooth and nail to ban free speech and the right to bear arms because they thought the massive presidential-election-stealing fraud exposed in the film 2,000 Mules would never come out. But they got caught and soon every American will know.

See all about it and much more here.

Expect the IRS to bully Americans. Passage of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act includes provision for the IRS to hire 87,000 IRS agents who must be willing to carry guns and use deadly force. The fake-president promised people who earned less than $400,000 annually would not pay more taxes. Although the media is not reporting it now it appears that the IRS will order its agents to attack people earning as little as $25,000 or less annually. For the past year people were asking why the IRS was buying tens of thousands of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition. Now you know why.

Carol Roth, a leading small business expert and advisor, says, “The govt is trying to sneak in provisions to the budget that would allow the IRS to track all the activity in any financial account over $600, and you think they really are going after ‘the rich’? They are going after you.”

Former IRS attorney and whistle blower tells what the Inflation Reduction Act is. Why it will go after those earning less than $70k / year.

The true shape of the economy. Better listen to this carefully. Cortez knows what he’s talking about. Our government lies. Surprise.

The new IRS comes with guns. “The bulk of these tax hikes and the IRS army will fall on middle and lower income tax payers.”

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Expect a continuous flood of political and economic chaos. The fake government that wants to force you into a “liberal world order” will continue to undermine and attack the economy of the United States of America, and, continually attack President Donald Trump to get at you and discourage you.

So in view of the Russia Collusion hoax, the two impeachments of President Trump farces and his acquittals, the the Mueller investigations, the fake Comey allegations, the so-called “insurrection” wherein hundreds of thousands of Republican men brought their wives and children to celebrate freedom in Washington, but, somehow, forgot to bring guns and ammo to Nancy Pelosi’s insurrection; and, also, in view of the raid on the home of President Trump and all manner of what will be proven to be false accusations; in view of all that you can expect more deflective political and economic chaos.

No matter your political preference when you think about the meaning of this medical, political and economic chaos being forced you, consider who is doing it and who is pulling the strings, and, also, consider that President Donald Trump said this like a big, fearless, tougher brother defending you: 

“They’re not after me, they’re after you – I’m just in the way.”

In short, they’re not attacking him, they’re attacking you economically, politically and spiritually. 

They want you to cower to them. Be strong. Resist. Rely on the unfailing presence of the Glory of God.

Expect chaos and riots. The way to beat the corrupt government is to stay calm and out think them even while the highest members of the corrupt government are inciting people to riot and kill people.

They brazenly supported the riots of BLM and Antifa that destroyed billions of dollars of property and murdered dozens of citizens, and they also supported rioting after the overturning of Roe vs Wade. 

Apparently, and arguably, rioting, cheating, fraud, and tyranny is what they’re organized to do best.

Warning graphic bloody violence. Here a gang of protesting black men kick a white man to death during a riot. The video is uploaded to social media as  “Whitey Dead.”

They made this mess. If the corrupt media and members of congress think they are safe from the insanity of destruction they have unleashed on America they’re lunatics.

Washington D.C. Black Lives Matter gets a pass. More than 19 million black babies have been murdered by their black moms since Roe vs Wade. This is self-inflicted genocide.

Fair use as permitted by law for educational purposes including news reporting, teaching, comments, etc.. See footer.

The riots and chaos planned for the months leading to the 2024 election may well dwarf the Summer of 2020 riots because the criminals and cartel and others terrorists the fake-president has let into America to cause trouble are going to have a field day supporting our own domestic trouble makers.

Antifa and BLM already feel betrayed by the Democrat party. They’re not going to be happy when they along with the American people in general finds out that the slow-fuse effects of the vaccines are killing them and that the “science” behind it all is proving to be the worst medical fraud in history.

That day is coming soon. Won’t be pretty even though the media will spin it and hope it goes away.

Again, remember, our bonehead government and the knuckleheads who run it want chaos.

The more chaos the more emergency powers the corrupt administration can assume. 

They can start more pandemics, institute martial law to enforce China-style lock downs, start a war, and or produce a terrorist attack and blame Republicans or Russians and prevent the 2924 elections.

Power to declare a National Emergency

Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) are executive orders and a wide range of delegated powers that enable the president to make the office a dictatorship. Listen carefully. Know that no president has ever exercised this power but the fake-man has threatened to invoke it and cripple America multiple times. 

Glenn Beck uses an article from The Atlantic which supposes cases in which President Trump would invoke Presidential Emergency Powers to prevent, for example, an Iranian action. Then Beck says the same goes for Biden who now wields these powers and has threatened to invoke them for things like spurious climate change.

Can the Constitution be suspended for any reason?

Senator Josh Hawley questions judge under oath in congressional meeting to find out what he really believes. Judges are only as good as their willingness to uphold our freedoms. The order to ignore the rule of law and the Constitution comes from the top down. Many politically motivated judges trample on the constitution. The Constitution of the United States is a mighty document that must be upheld. This cannot be done by judges who are willing to suspend it.

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No matter what they do or say stay calm. Think. Be prepared. Do not fear. Trust in the Glory of God.

The plans of the psychopaths, traitors and blockheads revolve around taking control of the American people by perpetuating fear, increasing and supporting and championing criminal behavior, and, also, controlling and dividing the nation though food and fuel shortages and outages of every kind.

The world’s dictators know the best way to control people is through food and fuel shortages.

War on food production and control worldwide

The government is engineering food shortages all across America
They’re destroying food processing and production facilities nationwide

You can add food shortages and the inflated cost of food production to the list of chaos being shoved at Americans by our corrupt government. If you think attacks on your food supply are accidental, think again. There’s a whole boat load of crazy things that are happening. It’s all planned. The people at Ice Age Farmer have been tracking and reporting about the attacks on food processing and production facilities nationwide. Watch all videos.

The American people don’t live in a bubble. What happens in America affects all nations, and what happens in those nations also both physically and spiritually affects the American people. If you believe in God it’s easy to see the World Economic Forum has a godless agenda because it wants to rid the earth of all “useless people” no matter what it takes. So, yes, the food processing and production problems they’re causing are purpose driven.

Wake up. This is happening now. The government is creating chaos by destroying food processing plants and grain silos all across America. The massive destruction of this infrastructure will take years to replace. This is too strange to be accidental. They’re doing it on purpose to cause chaos and despair. Just ask farmers. They know what’s going on. They are being financially destroyed. All of this is an engineered food crisis in America and worldwide.

On the hunting and fishing fronts the American and Canadian governments are doing their part to prevent the harvesting of food. Who knows if these corrupt governments are not spreading diseases that affect fish and game. It’s strange that anything that affects the availability of food in America and Canada is being affected at the same time. Because both countries suffer from corrupt politicians, they also suffer from corrupt policy decisions.

Is everyone in Washington corrupt? Tom Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture, sounds sincere, but the real test will come when he learns his superiors want him to cut off aiding small farmers. The corrupt administration has taken trillions of dollars from tax payers recently. No one knows where that money went. Small farmers aren’t getting the help they need to pay for anything. “There are 61,670 farm families today that are on the brink.” 

John Boyd, Jr, President of the National Black Farmers Association, talks about the problems all farmers are facing in America. The most severe is the rocketing prices associated with everything  from fuel which is needed to power the machinery used in plowing, planting, and harvesting, and the price of fertilizers and herbicides. All of these costs must be paid up front. There’s no waiting to pay for what they need till after the crops are sold. Farmers need help.

The CEO of Goya Foods, Bob Unanue, says, “We’ve weaponized food.” He tells why the war in the Ukraine is having an effect on food production and may lead to famine. But he also says, “We have provoked in a way this war … by showing a lack of resolve to protect women and children and the innocent.” In short, it’s not Russia’s fault. It’s the fault of lack of American leadership because “we’ve given the green light by showing weakness.” “The countries that will suffer are the innocent ones in Africa and around the globe.”

Man says: “There’s been an explosion and a fire.” Is someone trying to destroy or incapacitate Hoover Dam to cause a water shortage crisis affecting tens of millions of people and vast farm and cattle lands? If Hoover Dam somehow failed a catastrophic amount of water from Lake Mead would be released. That water would likely cover an area of 10 million acres 1 foot deep. Hoover Dam provides water for communities in Nevada, California and Arizona, including Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. It supports 18 million people.

The American media doesn’t cover how farmers are protesting around the world. This is about Dutch farmers but to create a food crisis everywhere governments are doing the unthinkable. They are preventing their farmers from producing crops and doing everything possible to destroy farmers. The Dutch farmers say, “No farmers. No food.” The Netherlands is a huge agricultural exporter. It’s farmers are being forced to cut back on production. All of these problems are the result of governments forcing a new world order.

The people most affected by the oppressive policies of the Iranian government are the 100 million or so Iranian people. In order to impose even tighter control over its people the government has created a biometric digital ID that is required to buy food. Iran has a history of oppressing its religious minorities. Their digital ID system may prevent Jews, Christians, Baha’is, and Zoroastrians, for example, from buying food. Or, alternatively, to oppress them the religious minorities could be required to pay more to buy food. 

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Why are doctors being attacked with covid vaccines?

Are doctors being targeted on purpose through oppressive Federal mandates that require them to be vaccinated, or are they just collateral damage?

After the end of the five year Cambodian Civil War, from 1975 to 1979 the Khmer Rouge regime known as the Communist Party of Kampuchea ravaged Cambodia with their Communist take over. During this time, they murdered 1.7 million Cambodians including all previous military and political leaders, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, journalists, students, Buddhists, Christians, intellectuals, and whoever looked at them cross-eyed.

In fact, anyone considered an intellectual was targeted. This meant teachers, lawyers, doctors, and clergy were the targets of the regime, and some 500,000 were murdered.

A Cambodian later said: “The Khmer Rouge were very clever and brutal. Their tactics were effective because most of us refused to believe their malicious intentions. Their goal was to liberate us. They risked their own lives and gave up their families for “justice” and “equality.” How could these worms have come out of our own skin?”

No sound. This video scans a report by Steve Kirsch. You can pause and read the screen. It’s no accident that doctors are being injured and dying from their covid vaccinations. Every doctor has to go through a hospital residency program and if they practice in hospitals they are being forced by mandates to be vaccinated. In short, they’re being victimized along with everyone else in society. Steve Kirsch is a giant among thousands of Americans who are tirelessly working to alert the world to what is being done to them.

Hospitals are filling up. This has to be overwhelming for doctors because nationwide they are being confronted by diseases both known and unknown that they don’t know how to treat. So they are trying a host of medications hoping that something works. This woman doesn’t know it but at this time her affliction is minor compared to God only knows how many people have been crippled for life with incessant shaking, and even had to have their limbs amputated to save their lives. Doctors need to speak out.

In addition to murdering hundreds of thousands on the spot during four years of intense oppression the Khmer Rouge killed countless hundreds of thousands more through work, starvation and torture.

Social engineering project. During their brutal four-year rule, the Khmer Rouge was responsible for the deaths of nearly a quarter of Cambodians. The Cambodian Genocide was the result of a social engineering project by the Khmer Rouge, attempting to create a classless agrarian society.

If you think that could never happen in America you need to wake up.

You’re already in the big fat middle of a medical experiment and social engineering project

Paid for by your tax dollars. Raise your hand if you think the blockheads in Washington are serious about building back better by putting cross-dressers, and LGBTxyz, and perverts, and pedophiles into positions of power and, also, giving them the nation’s highest security clearances.  The one at the far right is a self-declared drag queen and God knows what else, appointed by the fake-president as a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Energy. (He was removed after stealing expensive luggage at two airports.) The one at the far left is a pediatrician and a fake-president cabinet-level Assistant Secretary of Health. They’re working full time to corrupt America.

The only good thing about a hypothetical Communist Chinese take over of America is that they would eliminate the sex deviants, government officials, lawyers, and university professors and anyone throughout America who betrayed their country or took money for betrayal because Communists know that a leopard does not change its spots. In other words once a traitor always a traitor.

Every leftist and Marxist and Communist in America can learn about their future and have tons of fun reading Mass killings under communist regimes in Everybody Wiki to see what’s in store for them. (Lots of links on that wiki for leftists, Marxists, and the lost to fact check until the cows come home.)

Communism has proven a very efficient form of committing mass murder to control people.

And murdering doctors and their families is a tool they favor for destroying the morale of nations. 

If you’re a doctor you need to wake up and you need to speak up about the murder at your hospital. 

Here’s what Dr. Joel Wallskog, orthopedic surgeon and medical insider, learned the hard way.

Orthopedic surgeon tells the shocking truth about the vaccine and medical establishment

Here’s the scoop from a medical insider that may save your life
He has nothing to lose because the covid-vaccine has crippled him for life

Dr. Joel Wallskog, orthopedic surgeon, is a covid vaccination victim. Joel discusses his career ending vaccine injury and tells what he is doing to help vaccine injured Americans get some peace of mind. Watch all these videos. Important information about doctors and insider information about how the medical industry operates. Here’s the scoop from the insider. Joel was in practice for 20 years. Did about 800 to 900 surgical cases each year and saw almost 6,000 patients each year. He says, “I had a very large practice ….”

“I was on a hamster wheel ….” “My practice was easy. I just showed up to work.” “I got to a level of mastery …. I really didn’t see much that surprised me.” “I was definitely part of the health care system where I believed everything I was told. … I looked it up and it said … get your vaccine.” “I had second thoughts. But again I was part of a system that I trusted.” “There was no informed consent …” He got the shot. Seven days later his feet were numb. As a doctor, Joel knew that his vaccine injuries might “take months to come out”.  

“I believed in the system … somewhat blindly.” “I knew the system was very revenue based. It’s about money.” Regarding covid vaccine injuries Joel says the truth is: “Money number one. Power number two.” Regarding the health care system Joel says: “I trusted it. I take a much different perspective today.” He says there’s a lot of talk about decreasing costs in the system to produce savings, “But that never gets passed down to the patient.” Joel says, “It’s a corrupt system but that’s the system we’re in. It’s not about value.”

Joel admits that he doesn’t like doctors, and he says, “Doctors are egocentric and risk averse. They really don’t want to rock the boat…. Health care systems want doctors that don’t ask questions.” As for hospitals, he says, “The administrators set up polices to increase profits. Nonprofits … in health care system is a joke. It just means they don’t pay taxes. At the end of the year all there administrators get huge bonuses. The health care system where I worked …. the last CEO got a $20 something million package when he left.”

“There’s examples in history of health care workers being bad and being part of bad things. Let’s go back … the Nazis in World War II you know Mengele … did medical experimentation which was immoral and unethical …” Now Joel says, “I feel like I got unblinded. I got off the kool aid and I started asking questions. I started looking. I started talking to people. Look at the data yourself. Don’t wait for the media who will twist every data point. Look at the data ….”  “When Fauci said I am science I almost wanted to throw up.”

At first the vaccine manufacturers called it a covid vaccine. Now it in medical literature it’s called a genetic modification therapy. But Dr. Tenpenny says, “Therapy implies it does something good.” The difference is “these injections are genetic modification tools that in no way are trying to improve your genes.” In reality, she says, “What these injections are doing is creating a permanent change in your DNA, and she wonders “Why anybody would rush to the front of the line … to get in the train that’s the bullet train to go to Auschwitz.

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CDC admits all their advice was wrong

They ruined the economy. 

Nothing they said was true except wash your hands and don’t pick your nose. 

They caused mental anguish and fear and a mass psychosis to spread across America. 

They ruined the lives of an entire generation of babies through mandating the wearing of masks which has been found by researchers at a number of universities to lower the IQ of babies by a minimum of 22 points. This loss of IQ can never be undone.  It’s permanent.

Why? Because mask wearing has a negative impact on a developing child’s brain neurons which, again, can never be undone. This is another catastrophic effect of the CDC’s ignorance. 

It was never about science. It was about politics and indoctrination and population control.

The CDC and other government agencies caused a monstrous medical and social catastrophe.

More than one million Americans were murdered by the covid vaccine and CDC “health care”. (That’s just the beginning because more are being brainwashed by the media into getting vaccinated repeatedly. Millions more will die from “vaccines” because the government can’t stop using them. If it stops the medical emergency is over, and Executive Powers will end. So, covid vaxxes must continue!)

Millions more that have or will die from covid vaccinations have already been injured and crippled for life by the adverse effects caused by the CDC mandated vaccinations. Watch Dr. Joel Wallskog.

See The Vaccine Toxicity Truth. People have been devastated. In the end, tens of millions of Americans and billions worldwide will have been murdered either directly or indirectly by the CDC.

“Excess deaths” are carefully tracked by insurance companies. Less than half a million Americans died in World War II.

Tens of thousands of young people are dying “suddenly” in America. You never hear about it because it’s local news.

It’s not only in America that covid vax caused deaths are rising. It’s happening across the earth. Funeral homes know it. 

Most of the mountain of death is yet to come but all will have been caused by the vaccines.

The catastrophe is not going away. The damage has been done. But it’s not over.

“I think it’s time for people to get mad. They’re killing us. They’re killing and poisoning our loved ones.”

The greater effects of the catastrophic mismanagement of the CDC cannot have been accidental – and its failure to protect the American people  was not an accident- and will be felt for generations.

The media is supposed to report the news not hide it, but what about the culpability of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media outlets that aided in the catastrophe by preventing dissident voices from being heard and responded to by the American people?

The digital dictatorships and media co-murdered millions

The digital dictatorships and perverse media have done incalculable harm.

How will they pay back for the lives they’ve destroyed across the earth?

How do they amend for the dead and the injured who might have survived or avoided their injuries if allowed to hear the enlightened voices of the doctors, immunologists, medical processors and others whose voices were drowned out by ignorant technologists and the equally guilty mainstream media?

Instead of listening to these world renown experts and supporting the early intervention and medicines they espoused, for example, citizens were forced to listen only to the errant uncontested voices of the FDA, CDC, and NIH that murdered not only the million plus already dead, but, also, the millions of more Americans who got vaccinated because they were purposely misinformed by the Medical Industrial Complex.

Instead of being given the option of “informed consent” all these Americans received only the suppression of truth impinged on them by the dark forces of the blockheads and psychopaths who worship at the altar of Burning Man, Davos, World Economic Forum, and whatever other effigies and graven images they construct to support their godless systems.

Still, now, with this admittance of wrong doing, this parade of clowns – from the top down – are marching on as if nothing happened and their sins have been forgiven.

Despite their pitiful act of contrition don’t think for a moment that their political insanity has ended.

They are just rebranding themselves in a false cloak of “scientific” humility and a false contrition.

Today they have absolved themselves and are regrouping. However, they will continue to be the “medical science” of the tyrants who long ago sold out to The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

Now they will perpetuate whatever medical mayhem they have in store for you.

Remember, that Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, a German Nazi, was a doctor and SS officer. Like Fauci, Josef Mengele, considered himself a scientist who experimented on humans.

It is becoming increasing clear that Fauci follows in Mengele’s footsteps but on a monstrous scale never before imaginable or possible. See The Real Anthony Fauci by Senator Robert. F. Kennedy.

Wake up America. Wake up. Resist. Do not be afraid. Rely on the Glory of God.

The tyranny of the CDC will not be forgiven

“We made some pretty public mistakes and we need to own them”
“… to admit … we owe that to the American people”

Listen carefully. Apparently none of the people at the CDC know anything or are too scared to say anything. Fauci is a case in point. Supposedly, Mr. Science worked at the CDC for decades never “realizing and recognizing the short-comings that have been there for quite a long time … I’m actually optimistic that given the fact that the problems have been recognized … to making a very good organization much better.”  Fauci’s “very good organization” joined him in murdering more than one million Americans so far with the wrong mandates, and, even the wrong mandated “health care.”

The absolute truth about the covid-farce is coming out. Silence doesn’t work for people anymore. It’s too awful and the number of whistle blowers is increasing that’s why the government is pushing to make it criminal to talk about anything concerning vaccines and the elections.. From the beginning of the White House orchestrated catastrophe Americans have been lied to by the medical estab-lishment and the media. So “… big can of worms. That to me is the next stage of this.” As Dr. Peter McCullough said, “Once you have the bodies start piling up it’s going to very hard to hide it anymore.” 

This is only one example of millions of wonderful Americans who have been murdered by the vaccines mandated by CDC, the FDA, and the administration of the fake-president. Principal Riddick Parker, known as a “gentle giant who led by example”, was only 49 years old. He “died unexpectedly” like countless others who had been covid vaccinated but whose true cause of death is undisclosed by the deaf and dumb media to prevent “vaccine hesitancy”. Parker was said to be “Full of grace and wisdom.”

The CDC stated that the vaxxed and unvaxxed can be treated the same now ….” It’s incredible how much grief the current administration and the CDC and the FDA have caused the American people. The countless parading of so-called experts that they marched across national TV night and day. The ridiculous attacks on people who were unvaxxed and the stupid reasons everyone parroted to take an experimental vaccine and wear masks. This CDC-charade was all politically inspired from the start.

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How Big Pharma is getting away with murder

The American people are burdened with the Military Industrial Complex, The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, The Medical Industrial Complex, The Mockingbird Media Industrial Complex, and, now, with the carefully orchestrated organized crime exposed in the film 2,000 Mules, a criminal organization that may be appropriately named The Election Fraud Industrial Complex of the Democrat Party.

Each of these is an industry that taken together employs ten million or more people and thus corrupts a huge percentage of the population who are beholden to them and tend to vote for whatever they are encouraged to vote for even if it is clearly bad for the nation as a whole.

During World War II General Dwight D. Eisenhower was the leader of Allied Forces in the European Theater that defeated Hitler and his German Army which was filled with wall to wall Nazi murderers who either did the murdering of more than six million civilians or turned a blind eye to it. That was horrible in itself, but, after the war, General Eisenhower was thrown into another hellish experience.

He was elected the President of the United States and he served for eight years.

The interesting thing is that after seeing all the blood and gore in the European Theater of war, and after serving for eight years as President of our nation, on January 17, 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people of a danger so sever it could destroy America from within.

President Eisenhower was a five-star General and he called it The Military Industrial Complex.

Black and white grainy television. Best there was at the time.

Small segment from the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961, days before the swearing in of President John F. Kennedy, a war hero, who some say was assassinated in 1963 for his opposition to the Military Industrial Complex.

So, apparently his warning was cast aside, and the Congress and the Military Industrial Complex together conspire by hook or by crook to continually get America into one war after another.

First billions are spent on building the arms, and then billions more are spent fighting wars and expending the weapons and munitions that were built, and the latter requires the expended weapons and munitions to be replaced with new weapons and munitions.

Now the same is happening with Big Pharma.

First Big Pharma creates vaccines they say will protect us from infections, and then they create medicines to fight against the diseases the vaccines allowed to arise from the host of pathogens that naturally occur in our bodies which our normal pre-vaccinated immune systems kept a tight lid on.

In other words, for as long as humanity has existed there have been pathogens in their bodies. Pathogens are disease-producing agents like a virus, bacterium or other microorganism that left to their devices would kill people. However, until now all the naturally occurring pathogens have not killed off the human race because almost every single human ever born is born with an incredibly robust immune system that kills off dangerous pathogens or keeps them under control.

The problem is that Big Pharma is in the business of causing diseases and then works like beavers to create medicines that can be used to treat the diseases forever because, face it, they are not in the businesses of actually curing anything because that would put them out of business.

It’s all about getting people hooked on drugs and vaccines. That’s where the money is.

At this point, it’s best to let Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an attorney who has been fighting Big Pharma in courts for decades, explain it to you.

In short, stop and think about it, and you’ll agree that The Military Industrial Complex, The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, The Medical Industrial Complex, The Mainstream Media Industrial Complex, and, now given 2,000 Mules, The Election Fraud Industrial Complex of the Democrat Party are all rackets that use the American people as pawns in their objective of enslaving Americans.

Prepare to be shocked. Go through these videos and comments, and, again, prepare to be shocked.

Does Big Pharma lie to the American people?

The American people are addicted to drugs and vaccines
The pharmaceutical industry has paid $35 billion in fines for lying

Senator Robert Kennedy is an attorney. He says, “The companies that make all 72 mandated vaccine doses… Pfizer, Merck and Glaxo have paid $35 billion in fines in criminal penalties over the past eleven years for lying to doctors. For defrauding regulators. For falsifying science. For killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Vioxx which was Merck’s product killed between 120,000 and 500,000 people. Merck knew it was going to do that. When we sued Merck we got discovery documents that showed ….” Incredible!

Mike Tyson asks Senator Kennedy, “So what are they doing this for. Money?” Senator Kennedy replies: “Well they’re making $60 billion a year selling those vaccines. But they’re making $500 billion a year selling the remedies for the injuries caused by vaccines. Oh the diabetes medications. The Adderall. The Ritalin. The Advair inhalers. The Albuterol inhalers. The anti sizer medications. All of those, you know, this is really great business plan for these companies. You make people sick and then you sell them the lifetime cure.”

Can you trust this book? The Real Anthony Fauci is thoroughly researched. The woman that is reviewing it shows every chapter of the book has many pages of detailed references. Senator Robert Kennedy is an attorney and scholar. He is the founder of the Children’s Health Defense a foundation that fights for the rights of children including their medical rights. He is not against vaccines, but he is no friend of the over vaccination of children.

The real Fauci is a infamous liar. In this case, for example, this dangerous narcissistic psychopath was under oath and answered “no” emphatically to each of three questions. Later emails were found that revealed that this conman lied. He’s a liar and a mass murderer who thinks he is going to retire and everyone will simply forget his participation in a large list of crimes against humanity. The American people may suffer for generations from his crimes.

This video is shocking. Senator Kennedy is an attorney and, although he is not a doctor, he is a renown scholar on the subject of vaccines. This video will make you think. You’ll wonder what the heck the government is up to. Also, this proves that the media is completely corrupt because instead of digging into the facts and presenting them like Senator Kennedy does here, they just repeat nonsense that is completely false and unscientific and they call it science. Senator Kennedy says, “Isn’t it time we started following the actual science? The science suggests that not only are the injections unnecessary and ineffective but they’re also dangerous.”

Here the serial entrepreneur, Steve Kirsch, proves with common logic and ordinary addition and subtraction math that the covid vaccines have killed more people than they have saved. The American people are being led down a very dark path. In short, they have not only been lied to many have been fooled by the government and the media and the medical establishment to believe something that is completely false. The good news is the truth is coming out. Listen carefully. Think. It’s clear as day. “In the clinical trial more people died who got the drug than who didn’t get the drug. … they died from the vaccine.”

The attorney in the vest is representing Ms. Brooke Jackson, a whistle blower who worked at Pfizer and exposed corruption having to do with the covid vaccines. The attorneys are discussing a suit against Pfizer about the covid vaccines. They report that Pfizer is asking the court to dismiss the case. “And the grounds for dismissal is it doesn’t matter if they submitted fraudulent certifications to government” because the government knew it was fraud “so is it really fraud if the government is their co-conspirator?” 

In short, Pfizer’s defense is, “So what if we cheated, we lied, and we committed fraud the government allowed us to do it.” The attorney in the vest says this may be the biggest whistle blower false claims act in the history of the United States. Why?  Because “This concerns Pfizer stealing $2 billion from the people of the United States.” Pfizer’s large team of attorneys are trying to confuse the court, but this attorney says, “This claim is brought by Brooke Jackson on behalf of all the people.” So, does Pfizer lie? You decide.

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The global crisis associated with population collapse

Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, and other prominent thinkers have been warning for years that statistically speaking none need fear too great a population on earth; instead, there is an imminent population collapse that threatens the light of human consciousness on earth.

Here’s how it works

Across the earth but mainly in the so-called first world of nations wherein people are most highly educated women are intent on pursing higher education and building careers where they can vie with men in the workplace, and, thus, they are sacrificing child bearing.

Instead of building normal families women have decided to have no children or only one child.

That means couples are not reproducing at a rate that replaces themselves.

The social adoption of this negative fertility rate is having a devastating population decline effect in Japan, and other Asian nations, but also in Russia and throughout Europe.

The same goes for Communist China wherein until fairly recently the social engineers there decided to limit families to one child. And, unfortunately, since in most cultures the birth of a male child is valued more than a female; when a female child was born in Communist China it would mysteriously die. The parents would keep having babies until a male was born to survive the murder of his sisters.

This produced a nation with a gross over population of men and an under population of women.

Are Black Americans on the brink of extinction?

The declining birth rate among black Americans is especially distressing. Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood hated black people. She was a Democrat and member of the KKK. She thought that black mothers were so dumb they would choose to kill their babies if given a choice, but she never dreamed that white mothers would do the same. 

Sixty million babies in America have been aborted at the altar of expedience, lack of wisdom, and convenience since Roe vs Wade and the institutionalization of Planned Parenthood. Some 19 million were black babies. This is a catastrophe for the black race in America because only 6.5% of black Americans are women. They have murdered nearly one third of all the babies aborted since 1973.

The Shocking History of Planned Parenthood

Mrs. Clinton said, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously … her vision. I am really in awe of her.” Well, that’s telling because Margaret Sanger believed a lot of disgusting things about the human race and how humans should be managed. “They know when she writes about human weeds they know that it’s repulsive. They know it’s disgusting.” But  “The left will never abandon Margaret Sanger. She is the foundation of so many of their views.”

The left is concerned about the reputation of their idol. So, as you can imagine there’s a “push to repackage Margaret Sanger.” That’s proving to be difficult because, “Look at the maps. See where the abortion facilities are. They are near places where people are marginalized. People are poor. People are minority and that’s their target market.” It appears the left is driven to do the work of their hero. “There is nothing as close to a sacrament… It is a holy writ ….”

In the case of the native born black race in America the worst thing about this crime of self-inflicted genocide is the population of blacks in America would have increased by 20 million great black Americans and the spirit they contribute to us all, at the very least, but probably much more because many of those black babies would have grown up to have children of their own. Instead, today, there are only 13 million black Americans because Planned Parenthood killed 20 million black babies.

In short, when you consider fertility rates, Black Americans have wiped themselves out.

The Democrat machine knows this is true. They understand the implications. And to make up for the voters that will be lost by the catastrophic decline of the black race in America they have opened the southern borders because they want to replace black voters with more compliant brown voters who are from South America and who have a long history of voting for whoever they are told to vote for.

Across the earth the declining numbers of women who are repopulating the earth has reached crisis proportions from which there is no hope of recovery because even if most began to have babies those babies would not mature and be able to reproduce in time to prevent the population collapse.

Remember (1) the women have to change their minds about the value of motherhood and child bearing compared to career building and this sociological change could take 50 or more years, (2) then women would normalize and begin to bear a normal number of babies, and (3) then the babies have to mature before they can have babies, and (4) finally they have to choose to have babies.

That multi-generational biological cycle has to occur to prevent a population collapse, and since it takes over one hundred years to happen, a population collapse is inevitable and catastrophic. Because human civilization as a whole will experience a dramatic reduction in the number of people necessary to adequately operate the various cultures and civilizations spread across the earth.

That catastrophe is already in progress. Interestingly, with each passing day the dangers inherent in the impressive and bewildering progress of A.I. and robotics may act to alleviate part of this threat, or, on the other hand, may increase it and be the proverbial nail in the coffin that prevents recovery.

How other more evil forces are working to depopulate the earth

The threat to human existence is also in progress because of the machinations of the psychopaths who espouse the work of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and, also, the sinister work of other social planners like Bill Gates who have their own plans to reduce human population, and make billions through their investments in destructive patents and Big Pharma.

These organizations and the thoughtless people in universities and governments throughout the earth who support them share a monstrous lack of wisdom. Their desire to play god in a world already replete with false gods, leads them to seek grant money with which to surreptitiously enhance viruses and unleash them on humanity for no other purpose except to reduce population.

But even worse, in terms of the devastating effects on the future and fortunes of humanity, they create “vaccines” and fill them with an experimental array of poisons to test their effects on the human race which they see as nothing more than laboratory animals and “useless people”.

These psychopaths have already won. Billions will die because they have been and continue to be injected with these poisons. In addition, research studies done by child neuropsychologists at various universities find that the adoption of societal convention associated with the wearing of covid-face-masks has already dramatically reduced the IQ of untold billions of babies across the entire world.

Findings related to face masking and children are reported in the 167 articles and studies published by the Brownstone Institute who regularly publish articles from hundreds of scholars. In summary: 

“Current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful. The body of evidence indicates that face masks are largely ineffective. … To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children.” 

The plan of the so-called “elites” will turn on them but it has also already turned on the human race.

Certainly, one of the most devastating effects of the covid-vaccinations is the discovery they induce an autoimmune deficiency disease commonly known as AIDS. It is costly to treat, and in the third world billions will die horrible deaths because few or none can afford the cost of the medications. Even in cases where the infected can afford them these costly medications do not cure AIDS so they must be continually taken for the lifetime of those who are afflicted by the devastating disease. 

Covid-vax induced autoimmune deficiency

Huge alarms going off across the earth in medical community
The poison in the covid-vaccines is causing a devastating form of AIDS

Dr. Robert Malone says, “The U.K. is now normalizing testing for auto immune deficiency syndrome.” “Acquired auto immuno deficiency syndrome … AIDS. …. I think … we are going to see some form of immune deficiency that might be primarily T-cell manifest.” Your T-cells are a type of white blood cell known as lymphocytes that protect your body from pathogens. T-cell immunodeficiency suggests killer lymphocytes that go wild and attack your organs.

Todd Collender, Attorney, Disabled Rights Advocates, reports a planned genocide of U.S. military forces produced by forcing troops to be covid vaccinated. These vaccines have produced 11 times as many deaths within 10 months of vaccination over 2020. He says, “If you look at the forecast that should be … 5,000% increase this year.” He says in its documents Pfizer discloses it added “an HIV protein to the shots for … disabling peoples’ auto immune.”  “This is genocide.”

Dr. Elizabeth Eads, a frontline doctor that has treated thousands of covid patients in Florida and never lost one, says, “We are seeing vaccine related acquired immune deficiency in the hospital now from the triple vaxxed.” Dr. Eads says “We’re not really certain how to treat this.” She calls the appearance of AIDS in the triple vaxxed and even those vaxxed once a “calamity.” Quoting a Stanford study she says the boosters are “just devastating to the immune system.”

Dr. Luc Montagnier “recognized as the most brilliant virologist ever” warned in 2020 the covid-19 virus “had been modified with HIV inserts.” Dr. Montagnier spoke out against the experimental covid vaccines despite unrelenting attacks against him. He called the rush to get vaccinated with an untested vaccine: “Vaccination insanity.” When the renown Dr. Zelenko was asked if the vaccinated had AIDs. He said, “Yeah. You better believe that this is AIDS.”

The researcher Karen Kingston presents evidence regarding the HIV like sys toms associated with the covid vaccines that is wiping out people’s immune systems. She says that “the vaccine produces the spike protein that contains HIV glycoprotein 120” and that “explains why these symptoms are happening.” Studies show that patients who never had herpes before, “within 2 days or two weeks after the first or second dose a percentage of them developed herpes.” And “.. herpes is one of the first signs of a depleted immune system.”

This patent researcher says the coronavirus is an unstable virus. “Children never get infected …” What the Chinese scientists did with Fauci is they added stuff to the virus to weaponize it so that when they inject the “vaccine” into human bodies … “We are going to see an onslaught of rare autoimmune diseases … things people have never seen before…. including major neurological disorders.” The World Health Organization is “expecting a hepatitis outbreak in America.”  Hepatitis and a depleted immune system will be grim.

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Why is China at war with America?

China is blaming America for its huge problems.

The Chinese Communist Party is a tyrant that threatens its people and all of its neighbors because it has to blame its problems on others in order to continue to govern a mass of disaffected people.

In addition to having a godless government they have a huge land mass but less than 13% is arable agricultural land. Their rivers and lakes and ground waters are polluted and filled with toxic chemicals.

In short, they can’t feed their people. They’re a net importer of food.

On the other hand, the United States is a net exporter of food and has more arable agricultural land and much, much, much cleaner water and air quality than China, and American farmers have the best farming equipment in the world.

Also, because of its former one child policy and the killing of baby girls, China has more men than women. Throughout history when a nation has more men than women the men are unhappy and wars are fought to kill off the excess unhappy men, and, also, to get the women in conquered nations.

Wake up America. China thinks nothing about killing tens of millions of people. No matter which party you prefer, refuse to under any circumstances let Congress take away your right to bear arms. There may be more weapons in the homes of the American people than in all the armies of the world.

Most nations would think twice before invading America because a large number of the populace is armed and able to defend themselves. Our rulers have weakened the military – through mandated  multiple covid-vaccinations – and the crazy people in Washington are fighting to limit the amount of ammunition a citizen can have, and the type of arms they can buy. Some the most corrupt in Washington are calling for everyone with arms to register them in a national database and others are moving to require everyone who owns arms be injected with the proven poisonous mRNA “vaccines”.

The Catastrophic Truth
The Vaccine Toxicity Truth
The Deadly Truth
The Testing Truth
The Monstrous Truth

Guns and arms and ammo are not the problem. The problem is tyranny and dictatorships across the earth, and the attempt in the United States Congress by its corrupt members to impose tyranny on the American people by, for example, destroying the First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights which grants American citizens the right of free speech and the right to bear arms. 

Taking away the First and Second Amendment is the path to a mountain of grief that only benefits our corrupt government, and China or others who dream of coming to America and conquering it.

This “weapon guide for the uninformed” is the truth and tells what the government is hiding from you.

Guns and military-style assault rifles in the hands of law abiding citizens are not half as deadly as auto accidents and drunk driving. Think for yourself. Look carefully at this. Be brave. Speak the truth:

Think about this: Every reason any of the murderous traitors in Washington can think of to take away or limit the right to bear arms is crazy. More people are murdered in the United States of America every year with knives,  and with cars driven by drunks than by guns. Will they take away fists, knives and cars?

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Regarding the right to bear arms and the “disgrace” of open borders, Victoria Spartz, US Representative, born in Ukraine, argues in Congress for the right of “the ultimate equalizer”. She says, “If you don’t have this right you can have a police state or you can have bandits running the show.” And if we don’t believe in the right to bear arms “tell our children that they’re not protected against enemies foreign and domestic and from a tyranny government.”

It goes far beyond the right to bear arms. The Disinformation Governance Board, for example, is nothing more than an attempt to forbid debate on any subject that strays from the party line. Littlejohn says, “Censure of speech and the control of the flow of information are straight out of the Chinese Communist Party playbook.” The government of the fake president is building a digital gulag in America to control everything you do or say.

Fair use as permitted by law for educational purposes including news reporting, teaching, comments, etc.. See footer.

In short, as a precaution against invasion, unless American women want to be forced to marry a Chinese soldier or be impregnated by one they better fight for the right for every law-abiding American to bear arms. Encourage the American people to buy whatever arms and ammo they want.

While the Chinese pride themselves in being a relatively homogeneous people with a 5,000 year old history of war and conquests they are also racist, and despite our own shortcomings the American people are diverse, wonderful, and surprisingly productive and creative, and for the most part peaceful except when attacked or subject to injustice and the overreach of government.

It is sickening that our current government is so corrupt and cruel to us when we are the ones who pay their salaries and allow them to rule over us despite proof of their overwhelming incompetence.

Vote in person. Get in that ballot cubicle and vote with your heart and soul. Remember the wicked party that hates you so much it poisoned you and your family with a deadly drug and can’t stop lying.

Remember that when you vote. Laugh in their face next time you get a pre-election stimulus check!

Message of wakeful awareness

America has been betrayed by its government and the psychopaths who are pulling the strings.

In short, everything these psychopaths do is to scare you into complying with them, and when you comply you are as good as dead. Because, for example, the covid-vaccinated have been poisoned. And they will continue to be poisoned if they submit to more mRNA vaccinations of any kind.

Also the pills and thrills the government and Big Pharma promise will work to cure you cost a fortune. Even if free they are like the previous untested covid-vaccines from hell. They won’t cure anything.

You can no longer trust any government agency. The truth is the American people are going to suffer a continuing betrayal and it won’t stop until the American people wake up and make it stop.

Be ware. Get informed and stay informed. Think. Be brave. Resist.

Again, although it may be scary to fully comprehend the enormity of the damage these vaccinations have done to the American people, it’s better to know than not to know. So, put on your thinking cap and go through all the videos and content on and on this website because the more you know the less likely you’ll fall for more vaccines and the Big Pharma pills that are being contrived.

As far as China is concerned watch the videos directly below. Read the content because you need to know the truth about the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party to make good decisions.

The Chinese Communist Party is already at war with America and the Chinese people are slaves.

Watch the videos. Listen and also read the commentary.

China accuses America of bioweapon attacks

South African sounds the alarm and tells what China is doing
The Communist Chinese Party is attacking the whole world and blames America

This South African man has hundreds of videos on YouTube. He traveled across China by motorcycle and met the Chinese people. However, because of growing Chinese government propaganda against Westerners he was forced to flee China with his family and is warning the Chinese Communist Party is sinister. In this video series he discuses a Chinese document which he says, “We all need to understand … This effects everyone in the entire world.”

In the first segment he says the document says America is attacking China with biological weapons and changes in China are preparing it for a war against America. He tells why everyone in China has read the document and believes what it says. In this segment he days the document excuses the clamp down forced on the Chinese as a protection against the poison of American values and capitalism. China is undergoing “a profound revolution.”

In the second segment the document says “this is a return from the capital group to the people…. This is a political change and the people are becoming the to main body of this change again and all those who block this people centered change will be discarded.” In the third segment the document says there are great changes coming for the people including better health care, housing, and education. It blames everything bad on war-mongering America.

This video tells how as a child he came to appreciate Asian culture and developed a fascination with the Chinese people that drew him to live in China for most of his adult life. His insights and touring of this most recent of CCP documents is important because he has “intimately learned the language and culture of” China and is tied into everything about modern day China. He’s married to a Chinese doctor and has children with her. Now, “Is this country my enemy?”

On a trip to Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, said China was “one of the freest societies in the world.” This video tells the truth about the Chinese Communist Party: “The government has created this incredible design. Where its blocked everyone from knowing anything than its own narrative. The state owns and controls every single media outlet. … China owns and censors every single piece of media that comes out and most importantly it blocks almost everything coming in from the outside.”

The Chinese people are so brainwashed by the Central government that when they want help, they blame everything that goes wrong on the local government, and beg the Communist Party to come in and straighten things out. This is insanity, but it’s the kind of insanity that the fake-president and his puppet master want to impose on America. The want to make it a crime to say anything bad abut the Federal government and blame everything on Governors, Mayors, School Boards, and so on down stream.

The CCP wants their citizens to practice a special form of xenophobic behavior: If you’re not Chinese you’re a untrustworthy foreigner. Our fake-president said, “… they’re not bad folks, folks.” Yes, for the most part, the Chinese people are just folks, but the 100 million or so members of the Chinese Communist Party, do and think whatever the master at the top of their nightmare tells them to do. That’s not good and it’s certainly not democratic by any means, but it’s the world as it is, not the world of make believe.

The true colors of the Communist Party towards black people, for example, came big time. There were certain government policies that, for example, said that black people were not allowed to eat in restaurants. That’s when things changed in China for foreigners. “People started to get dirty looks. People were rushing to the other side of the road. Moving away from them on the subway. Or calling them the foreign virus. Really awful things started to happen in China.” They said America was attacking them with bio weapons.

This Chinese American citizen spills the beans. She warns the American people are flirting with the devil and she knows because she was born in Communist China and escaped. She says, “I was indoctrinated by the one party rule and I thought Chairman Mao was god because we had to chant everyday in school, ‘Long live Chairman Mao.'” She says “our kids are being indoctrinate with communist principle. American parents are being marginalized. That’s Communist China!” “America is not systemic racist country.”

Tom Wolf, Acting United States Secretary of Homeland Security, was a strong advocate of the policies of President Donald Trump regarding China. He said, “I cannot stress this point strongly enough. China threatens the livelihood, the prosperity, and well-being of each and every American. Your homes. Your schools. Your jobs … are all at risk.” He told the American people that “A 2017 … report found that Chinese theft of American intellectual property cost our country as much as $600 billion each and ever year.”

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The importance of the right to bear arms

Don’t kid yourself the only reason the government wants to take away your right to bear arms is because there is tyranny afoot. They want to do bad things to you and America.

The right to bear is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights to give every American the right to defend themselves and to participate in a militia if necessary to protect their township, city, region, state, and nation against enemies foreign and domestic.  In part it says:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That seems simple, right? Makes sense too because if only the blockheads have weapons things are going to get messy pretty fast and there would be no means to refrain from tyranny.

The Bill of Rights has worked since the beginning of the founding of the United States of America. 

But today the “progressive” blockheads in Congress insist there’s no difference between a man and woman and to prove it they want to eviscerate the Second and force a Liberal World Order on you.

A gun without ammo is what the tyrants want now

If you don’t like this bright young black man you’re pretty much a racist. Why? Because this young man knows what he’s talking about and he’s standing firm about your right to bear arms. Listen to his very clear logic and be happy he’s good to defend America.

This bright young person explains why this congressional meeting is important. In short, most people in congress have no idea what they’re talking about. He explains several rulings of the Supreme Court. “So, if a weapon is in common use you can’t ban them.”

This is a wake up call for America. “The White House is behind the scene trying to shut down ammunition sales.” In short, the tyrants are trying to stop Winchester from selling “excess ammunition above the needs of the military to the commercial market.” 

This is another attempt by the tyrants in Washington to destroy the right to bear arms. In 2015 the Obama administration tried to ban AR-15 ammunition from being sold to the public. Larry Keane says, “Unable to make it illegal … now trying to make it unavailable.”

Time to watch 2,000 Mules. The blockhead who claims to have gotten more votes than anyone in history wants to put an end to free speech, to end the right to bear arms, and to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If this person is not a tyrant why has he signed more than 100 Executive Orders in less that two years? Time to think. Time to speak out. Time to stand up and be brave. Resist.

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There is no problem with a government by the people and for the people. The problem comes when there is a government that is infested with a godless political orientation that is perched on tyranny.

Why they have to destroy the American democracy

The rulers of the earth including our politicians are murderous and corrupt from wall to wall.

They want to crush democracy because the ideals inherent in freedom of speech, as seen by the oppressors, is influencing billions of people who take great joy in expressing themselves openly with videos and words on social media. This deluge of self-expression is exposing their corruption.

The tyrants or so-called “elites” who lord it over humanity don’t want to give up their power.

They see plain as day people everywhere are angry and can see right through them.

So they want a so-called 4th industrial revolution led by the same old elites and political oppressors.

They’re already created the oppressive framework of their politically inspired 4th industrial revolution.

It’s their excuse for staying in power and controlling everyone on earth. As you can see they’ll do anything to stay in power including killing billions of people with a host of diseases and vaccines.

In fact they openly brag about why they need to depopulate the earth and how to do it.

Their excuses include doing it because of the threat of climate change, for example.

But the real threat is the World Economic Forum and its plan to make the World Health Organization, which is largely funded by Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and the Chinese Communist Party,  into a global dictatorship. Why the WHO? It seems the blockheads there are best suited to detect and stop pandemics especially the fake ones they carefully plan then mysteriously can’t stop with vaccines.

World Health Organization wants global “authority”

Across the earth attorneys and medical experts are waking up. This attorney says, “This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history … it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity.” A Nuremberg trial is in preparation.

Comgressman and Dean Michele Bachmann explains what the World Health Organization is trying to do. They want all nations to cede their sovereign to the WHO. In short, that means if the WHO says, “Lockdown” America would immediately lockdown everything.

The World Health Organization boss trips up and says, “Some countries are using boosters to kill children which is not right.” So, it’s okay to kill old people but it’s wrong to kill children? Is that the plan? Got it.

Dr. Cole explains the WHO is owned by big Pharma. “Seventy percent of the their budget comes from Pharma. The rest comes from Bill Gates and China.” He says, “The WHO is … absolutely corrupt  ….”

The World Economic Forum wants WHO to be a world dictatorship. A key part of their plan is to get rid of all the useless people because “they have absolutely no economic value.” Are these psychopaths?

Women across the earth are sounding the alarm about the tyranny of the World Health Organization. Time for humanity to wake up. Corruption is corruption no matter how high minded a name “world health” may sound.

The WHO asked for ideas about how to avoid future pandemics and many people wrote and sent recorded messages. This woman asks them to help by disbanding themselves because they are hopeless.

Doctors and professors across the earth are writing and signing declarations asking that all vaccine trials be halted because the evidence is clear. The vaccine business is an industry whose aim is to create disease.

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How the climate change global warming hypothesis was invented

Apparently the first and second wars with Germany never ended.

The Nazis went away. Licked their wounds. Now they’ve reinvented themselves as the WEF.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) led by Klaus Schwab, whose father was a German Nazi, took more than a few pages out of the work of the Club of Rome which was obsessed with eugenics and reducing world population. In fact the Club’s 1991 book, The First Global Revolution, argues that the best way to get the support of the masses was to create a common enemy of mankind.

That was the genesis of the global warming construct and these are the lies that inspired it:

In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

Now, it may be true that there is such a thing as “global warming” and it may be prudent to move towards renewable energy step-by-step. However, it’s more likely the splintered governments of the earth are using “global warming” to hide the fact hey have pillaged and plundered the monetary system and want to “reset it” with them on top and the vast majority of humanity at the bottom.

Since these monsters who think themselves the elites of the earth believe “the real enemy is humanity itself” they think the solution is to “get rid of all the useless people.” That means kill vast numbers in  Africa, India, the Arab world, Australia, South America, and, well, anywhere they find “useless” people.

Insofar as America is concerned the only choice the American people have is to elect a president that can clean up the government of the United States and get rid of the World Economic Forum.

This has to be done soon because everyday that passes the WEF and WHO get stronger and stronger.

Take time to watch each of these videos. Why? Because your life and America depends on it.

The 4th industrial revolution of the ruling class

There is nothing so evil as those who want to depopulate the earth
Meet the monsters who openly proclaim they must eliminate useless people

The World Economic Forum is run by a German. His plan is to force everyone on earth to be injected with materials that are only now being examined closely. He talks about genetic editing and being able to control people with computer code. “Fear mongering about climate change and disease are big goals of theirs.” What this German wants is a digital ID system that gives you access to goods and services including your bank account. They want total control.

Blackrock and others are positioning to take over the world. Yuval Noah Harari is the prophet of the WEF and he says, “By hacking organisms elites may gain the power to re engineer life itself … in the past nobody had the power to hack millions of people.” He belittles “some God above the clouds” and says, “Neither the Gestapo, nor the KGB could do it. But soon at least some corporations and governments will be able to hack all the people.”

Are you ready for a new world order? Who does Klaus Schwab, whose father was a Nazi officer, admire? He keeps a bust of Lenin in his library. Lenin murdered five million Russians. The WEF wants “to go deeper.” They want to destroy the old financial system in order to remove all their debt and conceal all their corruption and start a new financial system which they will control “that keeps a perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy.”

The future is dim if the American people don’t start thinking and fight back. Americans must be brave and resist in the midst of the medical and social and political chaos being imposed on them. The lock downs and the masking proved to the government that they could impose tyranny and most people would comply. To eviscerate the Bill of Rights the government will create even more despair and social disturbances with mandates and more tyranny. 

The Chinese Communist Party is the most corrupt and repressive government on earth. Now it has dreamed up a perfect way to torment the Chinese people and keep them in lock step with whatever the government wants. Predictably, governments across the earth see a social credit system as a wonderful way to destroy free speech and all human rights in order to control people in their nations too. This Chinese man loves this new technology. Why?

Dr. Zelenko was a renown medical doctor and also a Jewish religious scholar. He had a way of connecting the dots so that people could draw their own conclusions. “How do you get seven billion people to agree to do something willingly? How about this. You create a weapon of mass murder to scare the hell out of humanity. You coerce innocent people to get a liquid injection ….” Dr. Zelenko describes key patents that tell what’s happening.

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Here's why fair elections are so important to America

A nationwide research study in the United Kingdom found something pretty amazing.

Seventy percent of people have no psychopathic tendencies.

This means 70% are just good normal people. They are really the meek and the salt of the earth.

However, 30 percent were on the psychopathic spectrum.

One percent were full blown psychos and the rest of the 30% were at some point of the scale.

Perhaps the same percentages apply to people everywhere since most people are good and the rest are troublemakers who make things hard on the meek of the earth.

The Iceman - 200+ kills

The mystery of the human brain. Is a twisted mind born bad or does poor or absent parenting potentially ruin it forever?

Watch the narcissistic psychopath and murderer known as the Iceman. Listen as a psychiatrist sheds light on his character and hear what the Iceman says about his nature and life.

Our government is full of psychopaths. Look at their results.

Why is this interesting? Because arguably without seeking to make itself an empire beyond its coast to coast demarcations and, of course, a border with Canada and Mexico, America wanted freedom to worship God and, also, to democratically govern itself thus becoming a free and prosperous nation.

The United States of America has at least three distinguishing characteristics.

The first is that the vast majority believe in God. In fact, during World War II and from 1944 through the 1960s about 98% of Americans said they believed in God. Today after more than half a century of leftist and Marxist indoctrination in American schools and universities only 81% believe in God.

The second is the citizens of America have a treasured and thus far durable Constitution that embodies the fundamental principles of their self-governance and a Bill of Rights that guarantees them, for example, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms for the preservation of life, liberty, and property, and also to prevent oppression and tyranny should the latter arise.

The third is that every citizen has one vote, but no citizen’s vote counts for less or more than one vote.

An intellectually gifted person such as Elon Musk with all the drive in the world who in 2021 paid $11 billion in taxes has exactly one vote, and, on the other hand, a person who has downs syndrome who can barely function or provide for themselves in society and paid zero in taxes has exactly one vote.

That may seem like a crazy way to run a country but it works well when elections are not corrupt.

Sir Winston Churchill, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the mid-20th century and a notable historian, said, “Democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” In other words, when you measure the worth of the American democracy against all the other alternatives that nations have participated in, no other system of government in history compares to the benefits of democracy and its advocacy of human rights.

No matter what political party you favor in America you’re playing with fire if you let your party win any election – even for the position of local dog catcher – by committing fraud to get elected.

Why? Because the common sense of at least seventy percent of the people voting in a fair election outweighs the corruption of the 30% who are self-interested and no matter how much they espouse a concern for the plight of others they could care less about them which is the mark of psychopaths.

What will you choose?

In addition to being a renown medical doctor who saved the lives of hundreds of covid patients, Dr. Zev Zelenko was a medical advisor to the presidents of various nations including President Donald Trump, but most importantly Dr. Zelenko was a devout and insightful religious scholar. In this video he explains why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Think about it. What kind of laws is the Congress of the United States of America codifying now that are abhorrent to God? 

Politically speaking a party that is filled with liars and cheaters and only wins by fraud and stealing elections will spread woe and poison throughout an entire nation.

And even worse if your party has turned its back on God – codifying laws that go against the laws bequeathed to humanity by the appointed prophets and messengers of God – there’s nothing you can do that will keep America from being destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.

When a nation turns its back on God or worships false gods or starts codifying and writing laws that go against the laws of their Creator then there is chaos, lawlessness, and injustice everywhere.

In the case of America this chaos and lawlessness, of course, includes or may even be caused by the outcome of corrupt elections. It is increasingly evident that you cannot have a nation under God when the godless are allowed to be treasonous and are free to impose their will on the God fearing.

There may be a direct relationship between what is happening to us medically and politically.

What the film 2,000 Mules reveals is shocking

The American people have been betrayed but is there a way out?
“If we don’t wake up … it won’t stop unless we stop it.”

(Only the first and fifth video segments are shown. Pay to see complete film here.)

Here’s how this election fraud works. There is a lot of election fraud on both sides of the aisle. Gregg Philllips is an election intelligence expert. He and Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, discovered a way to creatively use a massive amount of publicly available video and phone-pinging data to uncover the criminal fraud associated with the 2020 election. They used the same data acquisition and geotracking tools that law enforcement agencies use to catch criminals except, in this case, they used these digital tools to uncover a vast criminal election fraud organization.

This is going to shock you. Yes, this is proof of election fraud on a massive scale, but True the Vote also found that some of the “Mules” that were paid to stuff election ballots into drop boxes also participate in violent riots. How was this discovered? These data experts compared their election fraud phone signal data with publicly available phone signal data associated with riot areas and found some of the mules also participated in the riots. By the way, True the Votes has, Gregg says, “Across the country we bought ten trillion signals … we have more than a petabyte of data.

The great service True the Vote has done for the American people. They make it easy to understand this massive election crime. It’s impossible for most people to look at millions of lines of data and understand it. By using phone signal data to geotrack, True the Vote shows how the Mules went about their work of going from drop box to drop box and putting some ballots in each one to make the crime imppossible to detect. See how the “pattern of life” works, location of drop boxes, “drop box video”, and the locations of “stash houses” where Mules report to their “organizations” and get ballots.

What this shows is massive organized crime in process. In all cases this brazen fraud is associated with phone pinging data, and, in most cases, also with actual video taken at the ballot drop box locations. Some Mules worked for and were paid by multiple organizations locally and in multiple states. In addition to being a felony, this election fraud may qualify as a wide ranging criminal conspiracy and an organized crime prohibited by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States.

Time for the truth. You’ve seen in great detail how the fraud was committed. You’ve seen it was done on a massive scale, but was it enough to produce a different election outcome? You know the answer because no matter which party you favor you know there was something fishy about the 2020 election. So here are the numbers. The mules worked hard. The non-profit organizations did their job. The ballots were counted. But, how many of the ballots actually reflect the true will of the American people when you exclude the ballots dropped into ballot boxes by the paid mules? 

You’re the one who must decide. “I don’t care how partisan you are you can’t dismiss all of this. How do you explain somebody going to a whole bunch of different drop boxes with a whole bunch of different ballots on the same night at 3:57 A.M. in the morning? How do you explain that? That alone. I’m sorry I think a whole bunch of people in this country are going to go, ‘Oh my God.'” “If every American saw that I think it would move the needle.” “It’s going to be impossible to keep a lid on this thing.” “They have ruined election day in America….” “Without free and fair elections we ….”

The FBI knows the Chinese Communist Party has all your private information including data on 1.8 million election workers and every member of their families

China also controls election software throughout America

(Gregg said this disclosure would blow 2,000 Mules out of the water ... here's why...)

After the release of 2,000 Mules Gregg Phillips announced they had discovered something about election corruption that would dwarf 2,000 Mules. They were imprisoned in Texas when they disclosed how the Chinese Communist Party is infiltrating America and destroying the American election system. What they discovered and the amount of evidence they have is now made public. The media is not reporting on this because the media has sold out and chosen the advertising dollars of Big Pharma and the corruption of the American government over the well-being of American people.

We went to the FBI because this was a matter of national security.” Meanwhile, Konnech, one of God only knows how many Chinese Communist Party puppets in America, sued Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips for defamation. At the time a Federal Judge in Texas imprisoned them for refusing to disclose their sources. Then Konnech withdrew their suit when they were shown the mountain of evidence in disclosure. The public and press are invited to dig through all the documents – none of which are redacted. It is all well-organized and available for all to study at here.

These videos may be difficult to dig through because they prove just how corrupt and traitorous our government has become.  In the end, for example, Phillips told the FBI, “You guys are the sorriest traitors on the face of the earth for doing what you’ve done.” In short, Gregg says, “It was an op right to the end against us … the challenge we all have is this [election corruption] software is still in place.” Also, he said, “According to Chinese law once it goes onto Chinese internet …” it belongs to the Chinese Communist Party. Gregg gave the FBI 500 terabytes of data he took from China.

Our leaders are lazy and care nothing about the American people. For example, they pay the media billions to support a pandemic and mandate the vaccination of every American but they exclude themselves from having to be vaccinated. They lie, cheat, and steal. No matter how you feel, and no matter what political party you favor, what’s important here is that the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated every aspect of American life with the support of Washington and has every piece of private information on you and your children and government officials that you can imagine!

Discover another nationwide crime machine

Learn how the United States government, drug cartels and non-government organizations are working together to invade America and put illegal aliens across the whole country. (This is against the law. It’s being done to cause chaos and corrupt elections by “redistricting”.)

How the purchase of “bulk cell phone data” was used to prove a criminal resettlement nationwide of illegals is being done. Same technology is used everyday to track you.

Here’s how it’s done. “This technology is commonly used … Commercially your goelocation data is being tracked …. The government uses this data all the time.”

Proves this criminal human smuggling operation is a government partnership that includes non-government organizations and the drug cartels. Paid by your taxes.

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Now that you know the truth about what’s being done to destroy America what can you do to save it? Think.

When Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, and second in line of succession to the presidency, started her political career she wanted to “Drain the swamp.” That was her number one objective. Turns out she became a big part of the swamp. She said, “Until we drain the swamp and bring integrity to the political process we won’t be able to go forward. It’s a big dirty swamp.” She grew so corrupt she lied to the American people about everything. She must think the American people are stupid because despite the cruel oppression of the Chinese Communist Party she says, “China is one of the freest societies in the world.”

Smartmatic.  “On the night of the election he was ahead by 943,045 votes. That was his lead.” The same thing happened here too.

Smartmatic. In 2008 Mills was on the stand up review team but he didn’t connect the dots. “The destruction …voting process.”

Millions of “extra” ballots couldn’t be printed in the United States because the fraud might be discovered. They used Chinese printers!

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Why is America's government so corrupt?

The corruption is systemic. Our government is human and therefor subject to corruption.

The people at the top know it exists because many soon become part of the corruption.

Apparently, it’s true there is a filthy swamp and the creatures in the swamp were living their version of the good life in the muck when along came an honest man who could expose the corruption.

They couldn’t let that happen so from day one in office they started to attack him with lies and fake Russian collusion stories and other garbage and falsehoods which led to baseless impeachments and he just kept his nose to the grindstone and did some amazing things for the American people. He proved democracy works when there are honest people in charge at the top in the White House.

Fauci is chief among the criminals who have poisoned America and the world. You’re paying for the sins of America’s corrupt government and American traitors.

YouTube star known as Officer Tatum was a former police officer in Tucson. He talks with admiration and respect about the white officers he served with for many years. 

The strength of America is our incredible diversity. Democrats rant about racism. This woman says, “Look at what they’re doing. … dividing people … what Mao did  ….”

Americans have common sense. When they are allowed to hear the truth they choose the right thing. These Americans chose one party then another. Freedom to choose.

So many lies told about Republicans. Why do thousands of Americans of every race go to hear President Trump speak? Why can’t the other guy get a few hundred?

America has many problems. Think about which party creates the problems? Good people in both parties. This man wants to protect kids but the party in charge doesn’t.

How did Trump do it? Simple. He knows how to get things done. He knows how to manage and administrate and delegate, and he knows how to get his enemies to attack him in plain sight.

He’s not an amateur whereas Washington D.C. is filled with people whose only expertise is corruption.

The weapons of corruption known as Hammer and Scorecard

These are cyberwarfare weapons developed by the CIA for use against other nations. Now, however, China and other adversaries have been traitorously given these weapons and they are, of course, using both Hammer and Scorecard to attack and control the American people. Now China is using these cyber tools against you because they want America to be a totalitarian state that they control.

What Hammer and Scorecard are doing to crush you and destroy America

Hammer is a data gathering and manipulation tool. The data gathered in the databases of Hammer is used to blackmail people in power. This data includes facts about the immorality and corrupt activity each individual has engaged in, or is engaging in that would shame and condemn them were it to be exposed. Often the data includes photos, audios, videos and other damaging information.

The collectors of this growing trove of defaming and damning data control what is done with the Hammer. As you can imagine, in short, Hammer is the ultimate tool of every kind of extortion, racketeering and blackmail that can be used to destroy people and wreck their careers.

Control. If this frightens you it should because although developed by the CIA to protect America by identifying and tracking supporters of Islamic terrorism across the earth after the destruction of the Twin Towers; now, however, the Hammer is being used in America to collect data on politicians, gun owners, Christians, movie stars, and millions of people in countless professions that the operators of the Hammer software believe they can use to blackmail and squeeze and control in the future.

Scorecard. While Hammer is used to gather, sort through and manipulate the gathered data, Scorecard is used to control the outcome of elections through all manner of corruption including blackmail. In America both parties use election tampering to sway elections. This means there is election fraud across cities in all states and that both Democrats and Republicans are using fraud to compete with their opponents to win elections, and these cheaters re anxious to hide their crimes.

The Scorecard software takes the election fraud into account when choosing winners and deciding the spread between the winners and losers. In summary, and ideally, the elections are rigged from the start. Because insofar as the cheaters are concerned, the “winners” are chosen beforehand through back room deals and, of course, that means the so-called “winners” and political insiders are thoroughly corrupt swamp-creatures who have enslaved themselves to the whims of their masters. 

Once they’re in the web of corruption they’ve weaved for themselves there’s no way out for these cheaters and betrayers of the trust of the American people. So, in short, on election day the algorithms of Scorecard watch how the elections are going and if their “winner” is losing, Scorecard springs into action at the exact moment necessary to “fix” any election outcome and sway it to the candidate that was chosen beforehand. In most cases, the electioneering is all for show except in the case of Trump where tens of thousands of Americans from both parties still come to see him speak.

These videos show various kinds of fraud that Scorecard takes into account as it works to “fix” the outcome for the “winners” the operators have predetermined to impose upon the American people.

"The most secure election in history"

(Along with 2,000 Mules this makes you wonder how corrupt all other elections were)

11/4/2020 Fulton GA. This group of people including managers are planning to add thousands of votes. You can hear them plan it. Use monitor to see the transcript!

An analyst testifies in Pennsylvania they counted 570,000 votes for Biden. “How much for Trump?” He answers, “3,200”. Really, in a coal mining state Trump loves?

MIT graduate with four degrees including a medical degree tells his family escaped the caste system of India. Now he sees danger in America because of election corruption.

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You may not be running for office, nevertheless, no one is safe from the Hammer

Many higher level people in Silicon Valley who own stock in and or work for Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media enterprises are in the Hammer databases, and they’re being blackmailed to use technology to add to the fraud and corruption and to deceive Americans.

Believe it or not many of them have something to hide ranging from perfidy to all manner of perversions including infidelity, pedophilia and bestiality. In short, reprehensible and shameful behavior not in vogue among the vast majority of the uncommonly good American people.

Rampant sin. The owners and major stockholders who control the media are also in the Hammer, and they also are being blackmailed to operate and or direct use their news services to engage in lies and deception that harms the American people, aside from, and, also, including election tampering and other illegal activities such as sex trafficking, pedophilia, and God knows what else.

Governors, politicians, judges, senators, university professors, school teachers, school board members, doctors, hospitals administrators, sheriffs, police officers, and everyone you can think of that is corrupt or can be corrupted is in the Hammer. Many of these people are being blackmailed to use their office or power to make false accusations and to complain bitterly against anything or anyone that does not comply or dance to the tune of the long corrupted who wield the Hammer.

How do you know this blackmailing sort of corruption exists? Think. Even before 2,000 Mules exposed the clever but shocking and criminal means by which the Presidential election of 2020 was rigged and stolen from Donald Trump, there were signs of decades-long massive organized election fraud led by the Democrat party. In the case of the 2020 Presidential election, 2,000 Mules proves that the overwhelming will and common sense of the American people was overturned.

Still the true outcome of the 2020 election – and the will of the American people – could have been determined within a few days with a simple auditing procedure not unlike the auditing done by businesses each year. But, as you saw, there were a huge number of Governors, Politicians, District Attorneys, and others in the Hammer and they railed like crazy people against election audits.

In the face of so much blatant fraud and felonious behavior why were these politicians so dead set on preventing an election audit across the whole of America? Because they knew those who control the Hammer would instantly attack them and expose their immorality, their crimes against the electorate, and in many cases their treason, if they sided with those who could expose the fraud.

It’s not only black Americans that have been double-crossed. Every American is suffering this betrayal and will continue to suffer the effects of a stolen Presidential election until America gets back on track and can have fair elections. Aside from a host of other crimes revealed in recent documents this man admits that 2,000 Mules proves he knew “we have put together” a nationwide criminal organization related to election fraud in 2020, and may be a traitor who has violated his oath of office and should be tried for treason.”

Black mothers were sold Planned Parenthood as a way to reduce the burden of raising children in a one parent family. The fatherless black family was forced on black women as part of the welfare state which promised black mothers they would be supported if there was no father living in the household. Things went downhill from there. Today this man tells black leaders that “This country is doomed not just because of African Americans but because by 2040 this country is going to be minority white-European ….“

“[Obama] has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful … and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that has never been done before…. “it’s very powerful what he’s leaving place….” Obama and the CIA built the Hammer to destroy America. This is treason.

Here the troublemaker admits he is a Muslim. Who knew? The media knew but hid it from the American people. For show Obama attended a racist black church in Chicago for 20 years. In 2022, 21,000 out of 43,129 immigrant visas were given to Muslims. The puppet O’biden said: “We have put together and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this …. voter fraud….”

President Trump’s personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout was fired after more than two years of service. She wrote a book. Tells what Donald J. Trump is really like.

The truth. Foremost among all the people who admire the accomplishments of President Trump are the American people. Here are the facts the media hides.

Leo Terrell, life long civil rights attorney, says, “I will never quit on my President. I’m a Trump Republican … done more in four years than any of his predecessors.”

It was a secret. She says, “I’ll give you your hug now. We did it. You were right. We did it.” The Antifa-boyfriend-planner says, “I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much.”

This vote in Congress tells the whole story. An entire party does not want to clean up the election system. “They don’t want to to fix this problem.” Guess why?

No insurrection. Kash Patel, assistant to the Acting Sec. of Defense, reports President Trump ordered transfer of power to Biden in November 2020. Proof of 100% transition.

“When we get enough of us in there … we can wreak havoc for real from the inside out.” She doesn’t care where the money comes from. “Give that dope boy money.”

Psychopaths want to depopulate the earth and rule what remains. Message from a man dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and protection of human beings.  Be brave.

2,000 Mules proves Americans have common sense. They don’t want corrupt politicians who lie and rob America blind. They want leaders who can get things done.

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It’s that simple. On the one hand we live in in a house full of liars and rampant sin and treasonous activity, and on the hand we live in a house full of noble and wonderful people who love America. 

The interesting thing is the evidence of election corruption is plain as day, and is a blessing from God because for the first time in American history the nature and full extend of the corruption is known to everyone across the earth, and because stolen elections have consequences, the American people are suffering through a medical and political catastrophe that will cost them millions of lives

Once again, we are on the precipice of paying a steep price for freedom. The alternative is chains.

Go Viral. SOS. Americans are being hurt medically and politically. The proof is on this web page. Tell everyone you know. Circulate this website and the information here to all your relatives, friends, neighbors, media personalities, and government representatives. Post Beaver News Network dot com on social media.

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As demonstrated by the videos and other material on and people living in and through the covid-19 “pandemic” and its associated global “vaccination” programs have suffered a crime against humanity that surpasses any in all recorded history. Despite the ever increasing mountain of evidence regarding the horrific nature of this crime digital and printed media across the earth are not covering nor decrying this politically inspired monstrous crime against humanity; and, instead, they are fanning its flames and intensifying its spread. Therefore it is the duty of people of good will everywhere who are able to do so to use the remedy and law associated with the United States of America, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, and similar laws in other nations, as a means to alert people of this continuing injustice that threatens the lives of billions of people.

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