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You want to know how fake the pandemic was?
The CDC announced the upcoming covid vaccinations will be the last
funded by the government. The next are optional and on your dime. Yeah. It was all fake.

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Both of those sites tell the truth about the urgent challenges the American people face. To be fully informed and give “informed consent”, for example, about whether or not to get any kind of vaccinations people need to know what’s on these websites.

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P.S. Absorb everything on those websites. I’m going to be adding a feature on Beaver News Network in the months ahead that will help you make it safely through the political and medical mess we’re in.  So check back in a month or so

P.P.S. I couldn’t put the videos and graphics below on BeaverNewsNework because, frankly, it was challenging to keep everything organized so it would not be confusing and overwhelming to people. This material didn’t fit the categories but they are super important so here they are. Please review them carefully. Think and be brave.

I confess it was spiritually difficult to research for thousands of hours and create and also Often I would weep for our beloved nation and people because I see clearly we’re in the middle of a disaster.

Fortunately, there are millions of courageous Americans who refuse to live in fear or despair. Instead they’re warning of the dangers on every side and the tyranny afoot.

If we don’t open our eyes and see it for what it is there’s no way to stop it.

Our job is to be calm and trust in the protection of the omnipresent Glory of God.

Recently, the WHO very nearly passed a dictum that would have made it the dictator of the world. The measure was defeated by African nations, Brazil, and not America.

In addition to flooding America with criminal behavior Cook County, Illinois, for example, is abolishing cash bail. This will unleash hell. “Officers will no longer be able to remove …..”

The blockheads in Washington are doing everything possible to invade America with crime, drugs, and chaos. The police are being overwhelmed. We must honor them.

There are some people in Congress that are fighting for the rights of the American people. But, sadly, most are cowards who vote consistently to disempower Americans.

Covid was a huge lie. The real purpose was to stop President Trump from continuing to enact policies that would prevent adoption of the “new world order” pushed by the WEF.

Watch 2,000 Mules.  “We could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” Probably babbling after a meeting that was planning for ways to create food shortages!

This human disaster is political and caused by the medical industry. They know how to use microscopes. They see the effects but are not speaking out to stop the insanity.

This is all planned chaos to control people. Super clarity. “At a time of food shortages …you are targeting the second biggest exporter or food …. Why are you doing that?”

The “elites” own the world and want to continue to do so. They have to “reset” because they have sucked people dry. WEF is a system of control. Listen to every bit.

The Second Amendment is critical to the safety of the American republic. There’s a reason tyrants fear the American people. Police and armies cannot protect America. Only Americans can protect one another.

Who is in charge of the briefcase with the launch codes? Basement Joe who never had a crowd with more than a few hundred people was not elected president. How can you be sure? Americans are not stupid.

The apple does not fall far from his Nazi father. “We penetrate the cabinets….” The WEF holds nothing back. They have an agenda and it is to enslave humanity for the elites and do whatever they want with you.

Amazing how parents who told their children to get the covid vaccine say things like: “Not a direct cause of the shot … a perfect storm.” They parrot what doctors say word for word. This is local news. Never national news.

This is Garland’s October 2021 appearance before Congress. They lie to Congress with impunity. Garland feigns innocence. Less than one year later he’s breaking laws in ways never dreamed possible. Psychopath.

People throughout the world are fighting against the craziness being imposed by their governments. Is it a losing battle? No. People have to fight back against tyranny or die. “More a more things are starting to uncover.”

Our corrupt government wants complete control. It’s easy for them to get credit card companies to give them data bout anyone making a gun or ammo purchase. Use cash.

Pilots were mandated by their companies to be covid vaccinated. Many suffer from the jabs but say nothing to keep their jobs. You need to know this. Listen and beware.

Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat but foremost she is Patriot who always speaks her mind. They can’t call her a racist because she is mixed race. Thank God for people like her. 

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A picture and some text worth a thousand words

Click on the images. They will enlarge. Have a look. Hit Esc or click in gray area around image to leave image.

Brit Hume on Twitter quoting the fake-president word for word.  This guy says President Trump is not a fascist and he just wants “market forces and entrepreneurial energies to work.” That’s MAGA in a nutshell. 

Climate change is a farce. It’s fake thinking from wall to wall.  Words matter and here the professor works hard to invent the new math.

The threat to democracy is real. The finger, however, is pointed in the wrong direction. They are forcing us into a “new world order”.

They are destroying the middle class to make them dependent on the government like poor people. They want to collect more taxes and will mail people making $20,000 or more a bill for whatever they want to call it and add late payment fees. If you don’t pay you get a visit from an armed IRS agent. 

Joe-bama has all his Hitler moves down pat. Wonder how long they had him rehearse for this show? The media loved this address to the nation. In short, he said the economy was great thanks to him – a huge lie – and half the country were domestic terrorists.

Kids are being taught all kinds of perverted things in public schools. It’s all about turning them into chaos-generators for their parents and the for American people in general. Feed them lies. Confuse them with liars. These cross dressers and blockheads are working for the fake-president and burning up your tax dollars. Three of them have top security clearances. They’re hiring people who do what they do. They aren’t dressed like this for Halloween. This is what they wear everyday. If you say anything you get fired..

The disinformation is real but the source of the disinformation is not Russia. It comes from the party that started the Civil War and later the KKK and Jim Crow laws. Look it up.

This guy makes a mountain of trouble for America. His FBI insiders fed everything to this traitor because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” In short he knew and What he did to Trump is treason.

No matter your religion and no matter what happens be brave and be strong. Ignore the fake news. Share the truth with others. Rely on the unfailing grace of the Glory of God. 

The World Economic Forum brags about a world in which you own nothing and will be happy. The question is who will own all the things that make you happy now? It looks like they will own everything and you will be their slaves. If they want you to eat bugs you have to eat bugs. Hey, is that communism? Are Democrats godless communists?

The rulers of the world through their proxies in the United Nations, for example, keep pushing the same old meaningless garbage. This was in 1972. Fifty years later there’s a new catastrophe because the other ones never happened. What next? Maybe UFOs?

Hunter Biden refers to his father in his emails as “Pedo Pete”. In her journal Ashley Biden says that her addiction to sex stems from being forced to shower with her father when she was a young girl. Little girls that Pedo Pete has taken photos with say he pinched their breasts. That’s pedophilia, right?

It’s hard to face but you have to face it. The government is killing and harming us. They have to do it to keep their tyranny in place. They’re doing it to keep us in panic mode so they can destroy our country. Go through to understand what’s happening and who’s doing this to you. Stay calm. Trust in the Glory of God. 

A command economy is basically a communist run economy where the government tells farmers, for example, what to grow, when to grow, and when to harvest. Yeah. Basically, it’s a nightmare where people are made the slaves of the state, and nothing works. That’s all the communist countries on earth. Wake up America. If you want freedom you may have to fight for it.

Haiti choose not to vaccinate its citizens. It’s one of the way, way, way poorest nations in the world. They practice voodoo a form of magic. Did the voodoo protect them? Or was it the wisdom not to inject the poison?

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As demonstrated by the videos and other material on and people living in and through the covid-19 “pandemic” and its associated global “vaccination” programs have suffered a crime against humanity that surpasses any in all recorded history. Despite the ever increasing mountain of evidence regarding the horrific nature of this crime digital and printed media across the earth are not covering nor decrying this politically inspired monstrous crime against humanity; and, instead, they are fanning its flames and intensifying its spread. Therefore it is the duty of people of good will everywhere who are able to do so to use the remedy and law associated with the United States of America, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, and similar laws in other nations, as a means to alert people of this continuing injustice that threatens the lives of billions of people.

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